49+ Examples of the Latest and Unique Stage home Designs (Minimalist)

Unique Stage home Designs – When you hear about the stage house, the first thing that comes to mind is the traditional house from various regions in Indonesia. It’s not wrong indeed, because basically, this type of house is one of the characteristics of the area with its wood design and material. Over time, this house was adapted to modern and contemporary designs. To find out what and how to design a stage house today, consider the following examples of stilt house designs.

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    Examples of the Latest Minimalist Stage House Designs

1. Examples of the Latest Minimalist Stage House Designs

Having a house with a unique and attractive design would be a plus in itself to add comfort. This minimalist style stilt house design can be applied as an option. With the main material in the form of wood, this house looks simple but sturdy and integrates with nature.

To make it look modern, use glass material in several parts. This glass also functions as a support system so that lighting can more easily penetrate the room.

  1. Examples of the Latest Modern Black Stage House Designs

2. Examples of the Latest Modern Black Stage House Designs

Wrapped in black domination in almost all rooms, this modern black stage house is very elegant. Suitable to be built on land with an uneven slope. The combination of classic golden varnish colors also adds to its beauty.

  1. Warm modern house on stilts

3. Warm modern house on stilts

Who says a stilt house is just monotonous like a traditional house? You can make use of modern roofing materials to show a trendy impression. See, examples of modern stilts design that emits a warm and comfortable impression to be occupied.

  1. Concrete foundation stage house

4. Concrete foundation stage house

If you still doubt the strength of wood as a foundation, you can also use concrete as an alternative. Houses like this are suitable for you who live in coastal areas and places that often experience annual floods.

The existence of a solid concrete foundation as a support will make your home survive even if submerged. For room decoration, insert glass so that sunlight can enter and be more energy-efficient.

  1. A modern 2-storey open house on stilts

5. A modern 2-storey open house on stilts

Who says a stilt house can’t look fancy and classy? Just consider the following design. This stilt house looks dashing and classy with the concept of an open space. This makes it easier for residents to be close to the natural surroundings.

Very fitting to refresh the mind from the tired work. The ground floor which is the foundation is equipped with a stand and other supporting furniture that can support the needs as a living room. While the top floor can function as a main house.

  1. Hexagon stage house

6. Hexagon stage house

Examples of unique and different stilt house designs appear in this picture. Although simple and looks old school, the presence of a hexagon-shaped room near the stairs increases the aesthetic value. Houses like this are perfect for those of you who like old-fashioned designs.

  1. Examples of Latest Stage House Designs Geometric floating models

7. Examples of Latest Stage House Designs Geometric floating models

If you do not have adequate land or want a different sensation, this floating house is very fitting. By carrying out the anti-mainstream floating concept, the geometric house consisting of these blocks is very epic.

To get a house like the picture, all calculations must be done carefully, choose a sturdy material, and not easily weathered. For the foundation, choose a strong and waterproof frame material.

  1. Zinc Roof Stage Governor

8. Zinc Roof Stage Governor

To accommodate the needs of a place to stay when in the middle of the garden, you can build a stage hut like this. Using a roof made of zinc, you will be free from rain and heat. Plus, the budget spent on this simple hut is quite affordable.

  1. Mamuju Stage House

9. Mamuju Stage House

Mamuju Traditional house typical of West Sulawesi can be a reference to build a house on stilts concept. This house with typical Toraja intentionally uses a foundation that is not planted in the ground to be sturdy with a height of up to 2 meters.

Also, the number of steps for the main access to the house must be taken into account. According to adat, the number must be odd with a range of 7 to 13 steps or steps.

  1. Two-story house on stilts

10. Two-story house on stilts

Stilt houses made of wood can not only be realized in a high foundation on the first floor. You can also use it for other rooms as needed. The term house on stilts still deserves to be pinned because the floor does not tread the ground.

Yes, you can see at the bottom of this house there are rock blocks and stairs. This is a trick so that the ironwood used does not quickly decay and be eaten by termites.

  1. Stage of the Split House

11. Stage of the Split House

Adopting the style and design of a traditional house from Riau, the Belah Bubung house utilizes materials from nature for the entire construction. Ranging from wood, bamboo, boards, Nipah, thatch, to rattan. This house exudes a high ethnic impression.

In it, there are three main rooms, namely the lobby, main house, and the buffer. Each room is still divided into several spots depending on needs.

  1. The Bahay Kubo Stage House

12. The Bahay Kubo Stage House

Small house models like this are increasingly used as lodging models that carry the traditional concept. Bahay Kubo’s model is very simple with the use of ironwood and glass that combines modern and ethnic impressions.

The use of rock as a support pole is a smart and calculating choice. That way, the house which is dominated by wood material will be more durable.

  1. Examples of Design The latest traditional model stage house

13. Examples of Design The latest traditional model stage house

You can also apply the concept of a traditional home to your dream home. Simply by carrying a classic design and not many accessories, the house will look attractive. The foundation is not too high so you can save on construction costs.

Add a fence around the house to perfect traditional designs using wood material. You can also embed flowers around the fence so it is not monotonous and can look more integrated with nature.

  1. Stage House 2 Floor Pyramid Roof

14. Stage House 2 Floor Pyramid Roof

Stilt houses can also be executed in the form of two floors with a lower foundation that is used as a room. Just add the trinkets and furniture, the pillars downstairs can be transformed into an open space that is anti-mainstream.

Meanwhile, the second floor can be maximized for the needs of the room. This concept is suitable to be applied to narrow land and minimalist funds.

  1. All in Gray Modern Stage House

15. All in Gray Modern Stage House

Not only classic colors like brown or black, you can choose the concept of an all in gray stage house like the picture. With geometric pieces and sharp corners, this house looks so striking in the middle of a field.

This gray color selection is also a solution so that the house does not look gloomy even though minimal lighting. Moreover, the half-open design can make it look roomy and bright thanks to the presence of glass ornaments.

  1. Stage Model Container House

16. Stage Model Container House

Have you ever imagined juggling a house in a container? Although the shape of the beam and monotonous, this model appears slick when applied with glass for your home design. Nothing wrong with adding an open hut as a place to relax.

This minimalist and modern model house can be an alternative to appear together with the towering surrounding trees. In addition to aesthetic reasons, stilt houses like this also play a role to protect you from animal attacks.

  1. Pile Model Cube Stage House

17. Pile Model Cube Stage House

If you like geometric designs, especially the shape of a cube, this house can be a mainstay. Examples of the design of houses on stilts with building boxes should be considered to get a roomy impression in the room inside.

Just look at how the entire space wrapped in glass without the bulkhead seems so spacious and comfortable. While the bottom of the house can be used for others, such as a garage.

  1. Thousand Doors Stage House

18. Thousand Doors Stage House

The name of a thousand doors pinned at all does not indicate the existence of 1000 doors on this stilt house. The name arises because of the many glass doors that exist compared to other model house designs.

  1. Unique Stage home Designs “Pyramid Roof Stage Bungalow”

Unique Stage home Designs "Pyramid Roof Stage Bungalow"

For a more practical appearance, you can try out this pyramid-roofed bungalow design. The classic design can help you save a budget to be allocated to other needs. The whole material uses materials from nature, ranging from wood to earth tile.

  1. Unique Stage home DesignsWhole Solid Wood Stage House

20. Whole Solid Wood Stage House

For the impression of a sturdy and fierce house, you can choose solid wood material that is intact. That way the house will appear to have volume. Stilt houses made of solid wood will be very strong and durable. But of course, you also have to spend quite deep.

In addition to the design and type of wood used, a uniform volume of wood size is very difficult. If this is ignored, instead of getting a dream home, there will be many gaps in the house.

  1. Transparent Stage House

21. Transparent Stage House

Having a residence in the middle of the trees will be more beautiful if you apply the concept of transparency. Thus, you can blend into the surrounding environment and seem to be an integral part. The glass component which is the main material also supports the concept of an energy-efficient home.

  1. Landscape Model Stage House

Rumah Panggung Model  Landscape

Stilt houses can also be made lengthwise to maximize existing land. With two sides of the canopy entrance and exit, you no longer need to worry about getting rained on. This canopy can also be used as a place to relax by adding chairs.

  1. European Model Saddle Roof Stilts

23. European Model Saddle Roof Stilts

Stilt houses made of wood can not only be traditional and classical. You can also adopt a European style to add an elegant impression. The use of a minimalist gable roof and the use of the attic as a furnished room is the right step.

If you have large land, building a European-style house like this will be a smart breakthrough. Don’t forget to leave some space between the house and the fence so you can use it to relax while enjoying the view.

  1. Examples of the Latest Limas Roof Classic Stage House Designs

24. Examples of the Latest Limas Roof Classic Stage House Designs

Instead of buying materials to make the land area flat, you can get around the sloping land with the concept of a house on stilts. With a sturdy foundation that supports, your wooden house is more secure from weathering. The classic design is more compatible with the atmosphere.

  1. Minimalist Modern Stage Houses

25. Minimalist Modern Stage Houses

There is also a modern minimalist stage house to be your benchmark in building a house. The concept of the pillar of the house which also functions as a fence makes the display more beautiful and modern. Moreover, added the use of flat roofs and glass ornaments in the main room.

  1. Walewangko Stage House

26. Walewangko Stage House

This typical Manado stage house is very unique and antique. For the Minahasa community, the presence of the Walewangko house is a pride with its uniqueness in terms of architecture and building structures.

With sturdy wooden pillars, this typical North Sulawesi house has several parts of the room. Lesar’s part is the room in front, the middle part is called Sekey, and the back part is named Pores.

  1. Multifunctional Roof Wooden Stage House

27. Multifunctional Roof Wooden Stage House

Who says a house on stilts is just like that? You can maximize the room by using the attic as an example of this stage home design. Besides being useful for adding space, this also helps increase the aesthetic value of your home.

  1. Examples of the Latest Modern Landscape Stage Houses

28. Examples of the Latest Modern Landscape Stage Houses

Model houses on stilts can also be conjured up in a modern form. Proven by the design of this house. The symmetrical building of the beam adds to the impression of modern minimalism. Moreover, the roof used is a flat roof that increasingly shows the impression of trendy and elegant and contemporary.

  1. Many Pangggung Houses Windows

29. Many Pangggung Houses Windows

Smooth or poor circulation in the home also contributes to create comfort. You can use many windows to get fresh air intake. This method is also useful in emitting natural light from outside into the room.

  1. Examples of Latest Austrian Style Stage House Designs

30. Examples of Latest Austrian Style Stage House Designs

Adopting the Austrian style to be applied to your house on stilts will make it look more charming. A thick European feel makes it look luxurious and elegant at the same time. Moreover, plus the glass material and the concept of a half-open space on the second floor.

  1. Carved Gebyok Stage House Side Side

31. Carved Gebyok Stage House Side Side

Well, a large wooden board or commonly known as gebyok can be chosen for a solid house wall. Moreover, the choice of teak gebyok can make it more durable. For a different impression, insert carvings under the roof of the house to make it more interesting.

  1. Limas Trim Stage House Cut Ala Melayu

32. Limas Trim Stage House Cut Ala Melayu

The appearance of the Malay traditional house in the form of a sliced ​​pyramid roof is so attractive and fun. Generally for this type of house, a support pole that is used measuring 1.5 meters. The abundance of decoration and carvings in this Malay house signifies the owner’s economic class.

The bright yellow color choice blends perfectly with the green and red streaks in several places. Although colorful, this house is still beautiful because of the very dominant and firm wood color.

  1. Shield House Stage

33. Shield House Stage

If the house is usually only monotonous using one roof model, you can choose this roof shield. The combination of pyramid and saddle roofs gives an artistic but still aesthetic impression. The selection of window glass with a motif can be an alternative so that it does not break easily.

  1. Mumbai Roof Stage House

34. Mumbai Roof Stage House

Blend in with the natural surroundings can be done by choosing a material that comes from nature. Likewise with this house on stilts that stand out prominently with its thatched roof. Besides giving a different look, the tassel roof can also reduce the scorching heat of the sun.

In the buffer section, the use of concrete material is the right choice. This is due to the characteristics of sandy soil which is easy to move and inconsistent. With experts in the form of solid concrete, the house will be more durable.

  1. Carved Gebyok Stage House Front Side

35. Carved Gebyok Stage House Front Side

Viewed from the front side, this stilted house with a plain gebyok looks thick with traditional nuances. If you want to explore further, you can find that the entire house is made of wood. Of course, except for the tile.

  1. Carved Gebyok Stage House with Leaves

36. Carved Gebyok Stage House with Leaves

Overall, the concept of this house is almost the same as the previous design. It’s just that there is the addition of glass material in some houses. Also, if examined further, the motifs under the roof appear to be different and leaf-shaped.

  1. Staged House

37. Staged House

It was named the Babat Stage House because it was located around the Babat station, Lamongan. With a strong concrete foundation, this official house, built since 1918, still stands strong today. This is thanks to the durability of teak wood that is strong and hard.

With the basic material in the form of wooden boards arranged neatly into a wall, the Staged House looks simple but full of meaning. The window used also carries a stacking style so that air circulation is maintained even if closed.

  1. Kajang Leko Stage House

38. Kajang Leko Stage House

This Jambi stilt house has an attractive structure and design. The part of the roof that is often referred to as a drunken elephant looks beautiful combined with a roof bubugan that resembles a boat. Color selection is also in harmony with the existing patterns so that makes it look more unique.

  1. Blabag Limasan Stage House

39. Blabag Limasan Stage House

In Javanese, it means “board”. As the name suggests, this wooden house is made of wood in the form of boards with glass windows also. Such designs are often found in the Java area. What distinguishes it is the existence of a foundation as a buffer.

  1. Home Aceh Stage House

40. Home Aceh Stage House

Like the name that bears, this wooden and stage-shaped house originates from Aceh. The height of the home Aceh buffer has special provisions as high as 3 meters with an area of ​​up to 200 square meters.

The overall height of home Aceh from the base to the roof can reach 8 meters. Behind the towering grandeur and height, this house turned out to have a deep philosophical meaning. Namely that every creature must be grateful for God’s gift.

  1. Teak houses on stilts traditional models

41. Teak houses on stilts traditional models

Teak has never been wrongly used as a residential material. Its hard and strong texture can be relied on to protect against heat and rain. The appearance will be more beautiful by adding polish to make it look shiny and bright.

  1. Modern Glass Stage House

42. Modern Glass Stage House

Bored with the style of traditional stilt houses? Examples of European-style stilt house designs with horizontal accent lines you can trace. The minimalist but cool design makes you more comfortable at home. Moreover, the glass material adds to the impression of modern and elegant.

In the buffer section, choose wood that is strong and hard to bear the weight of the house. The use of stone as a foundation is a strategic step so that wood does not directly touch or be embedded into the ground. This is important to avoid early damage.

  1. Examples of Europe’s Latest Concrete Pole Stage Design Houses

43. Examples of Europe's Latest Concrete Pole Stage Design Houses

Although it is not a European family, it is undeniable that European models and styles are often found in various houses in Indonesia. Even though it was independent, there were still many European-style houses that were thick with the influence of Dutch architecture.

Just look at the following stilt house designs. The concrete and pillars used are large to create a sturdy effect like Dutch architecture. Plus, the calm and neutral color selection reinforces the classic modern impression it has.

  1. Traditional Model Stage House Open

44. Traditional Model Stage House Open

If you live in rural areas and areas that are not much polluted, traditional stage houses with open models like this can be a solution. With so many windows, air circulation is guaranteed.

On the other hand, an open concept like this, also makes you save energy. No need to install an air conditioner or turn on the fan, just let the natural air conditioner (wind gust) work.

  1. Stage House of Javanese Gebgok Papan

45. Stage House of Javanese Gebgok Papan

Gebyok houses with teak planks have always been a mainstay for durable and durable wood dwellings. You can apply it in a simple way like in this picture. Strong and strong stone supports also help the wood not to be easily damaged.

  1. ​​Examples of the Latest Stage House Designs with Natural Stone Accessories

46. Examples of the Latest Stage House Designs with Natural Stone Accessories

There has never been a combination that failed when dealing with wood. This material can be combined with anything safely and without obstacles. Blend with natural rocks can also be a duet that increasingly adds to the beautiful appearance of your dwelling.

Stilt houses that carry this semi-modern concept not only involve wood and rock, but also glass and brick materials. The choice of natural stone as a foundation has its advantages because of its strong and durable nature.

  1. Si Pitung’s Stage House

47. Si Pitung's Stage House

Si Pitung, a famous figure from Betawi, was also immortalized as a building name. This distinctive Betawi house on stilts is one of the representations of coastal Betawi settlements in earlier times. This house is also known as the Marunda High House.

The design of this stilt house is very unique and antique with many supports. The shape that forms the letter L is also interesting to be adapted and developed into other models.

  1. Examples of the Latest Modern Minimalist Stage Houses Stripes

48. Examples of the Latest Modern Minimalist Stage Houses Stripes

Modern minimalist home models are diverse and can be adjusted to the needs. If you want something different and don’t want to be too flashy with the choice of colors and wall paint, you can use wood as a choice.

Replacing the walls, supports, and pillars with real pillars make your minimalist home look ethnic without leaving a modern impression. You also do not need to be confused anymore to determine the color of wall paint because the original color of the wood has become the most suitable and harmonious choice.

  1. Limasan Stage House

49. Limasan Stage House

This stilted house with a pyramid-shaped roof appears sturdy thanks to the concrete foundation that supports it. That way, if one day there is a flood and submerged in water, the house will not encounter any problems. This design is suitable for applications that are prone to flooding.

  1. Examples of the Latest MateriaL Bamboo Stage House Design

50. Examples of the Latest MateriaL Bamboo Stage House Design

If you have limited funds to build a beautiful and beautiful house, choosing bamboo material as the main material can be a solution. This material has various promising advantages. Not only is it cheaper, but this material is also light weighted.

In addition to some of the advantages above, bamboo plants used as houses are also known to have good air circulation. Stilt houses with bamboo material are also believed to be safe from earthquake shocks and can be applied with any model construction.

There are various examples of other stilt house designs that can be used as a reference. However, whatever the choice, make sure everything suits your needs and financial capabilities. The above example is only an illustration, you can develop it with the addition of more interesting and eccentric ideas.

49+ Examples of the Latest and Unique Stage home Designs (Minimalist)

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