49+ Examples of Tropical House Designs (Luxurious and elegant)

Tropical House Designs – Indonesia is a tropical country with a warm temperature of 20-24 degrees Celsius. Examples of tropical home design you can realize for your home. Home design that suits the weather will add comfort to your life.

You can use designs with large and small land area. To meet the needs of your dream home, here are some tropical romance design recommendations for you,

  1. Warm Tropic Design

1. Warm Tropic Design


You can design a tropical house with warmth like the picture above. The house with a very large land area coupled with yellow lights are lit.

The picture above is the back of the house with a swimming pool and a few trees around it. If you like the warmth of a backyard design like that is perfect for you.

  1. Tree Rock Design

2. Tree Rock Design

What is meant by the above design is a very interesting blend of plants and stones? You can mix these two types very well for the back or front of the house.

For details on your home, just a simple wall and with some glass added. A little combination with wooden walls makes it look more aesthetic. Brown, white, black, and green are still in tune as if your house is a garden.

  1. Wood and Sofa Design

3. Wood and Sofa Design

To add to the impression of a tropical and warm atmosphere, you can design it in such a way with the combination of wood color on small tables and soft sofas, of course. Use a glass seal so that your house looks very modern.

Also, the color of the lights using a slightly dim or bright yellow color to add the impression of warm and comfortable to live. The white wall color is also suitable for you to use as your tropical home.

  1. Aesthetic Swimming Room Design

4. Aesthetic Swimming Room Design

You will find designs like the one above if you go to a hotel or villa located in a tourist area that is visited a lot. However, designs like the picture above you can design yourself for your home.

If you have a large house, then you can put your swimming pool behind your house. Design a canopy with very unique details such as a canopy made of wood with a black stripe and also a light bulb. Your tropical home will look very aesthetic.

  1. The Large Yard Design

5. The Large Yard Design

Examples of tropical home design in the picture above seem minimalist, modern, and unique. If you look at the house for the first time, you will be directed to a vast expanse of yard with small grasses that cover the entire land.

If you focus on the house, the design that is used as a minimalist design in general. The design uses a lot of glass for the walls and also the walls that have white-colored details that appear very modern.

  1. Modern Tropic House Design

6. Modern Tropic House Design

The modern design for a tropical home is great when combined with yellow lights and green plants. In the house above the design details are very unique like a house that only has half a wide roof.

The aesthetic impression on the side room of the building half the roof is very warm because of the dark color of the walls and also the combination of lights and some long glass windows that add to the modern impression.

  1. Two Tropic House Design

7. Two Tropic House Design

The design of the house above looks like two houses contained in one building. One house is very simple only with a roof and first-floor room. While the other has many modern houses and very attractive wall designs.

Your home design will look from the side like the picture above. If you look from the front corner then you find a big house with an aesthetic tropical design that is comfortable to live in.

  1. Minimalist Tropic House Design

8. Minimalist Tropic House Design

The above design is perfect for you to use in a luxurious urban housing complex. The house above is quite large with many detail lines on the walls that make it modern and add a minimalist impression.

The garden in front of the house makes the house cool and the fence with two types keeps the house awake and safe from any disturbance. This house is right for you who like luxury design to live in a big city.

  1. Family Room Design

9. Family Room Design

Because tropical homes are famous for their warmth, the design in the house must also be made warm. Make the family room very comfortable to use as a place to eat too to add harmony to your family.

A minimalist design with lots of simple lines and detailed walls that are very unique but still simple. Also, plants remain the main thing to decorate every corner of the room to keep it cool and warm at the same time.

  1. Tropical House Designs “Chill Tropic Room Design”

Tropical House Designs "Chill Tropic Room Design"

In addition to a family room, make room to relax in a pleasant atmosphere. The above design is made with a lot of white color and some color combinations of stone and wood which makes it like a garden.

Plants in the corners of the house are used for decoration to make it feel more like in a cool, warm tropical garden. Add a comfortable seat and a room like a toilet so that you are comfortable while relaxing in that place.

  1. Swimming Pool Yard Room Design

11. Swimming Pool Yard Room Design

The design of a swimming pool with lots of plants is very tricky to care for it. But apart from the treatment, you can use this design in the back of your house to have a private dream pool.

You can use very unique design details with many plants and a large swimming pool with several seats. You can guarantee you will continue to want to relax in this place and spend your children’s vacation time at home alone is enough.

  1. Wood Tree House Design

12. Wood Tree House Design

The wooden house design like the picture above is only found on the 2nd floor while the 1st floor is designed as a modern minimalist house that is covered with transparent brown wood to combine the two houses.

Houses that are suitable for tropical temperatures look very unique with two models combined into 1. If you make a house like this in the village it is very suitable because it will be supported by plants automatically without having to plant first.

  1. Light Luxury House Design

13. Light Luxury House Design

Light or bright design like the picture above makes your home luxurious at night. The combination of bluish-white and white lights is very appropriate especially for the nuances at dusk. Details of the house seem simple but very spacious which makes it look luxurious.

  1. Holiday Room House Design

14. Holiday Room House Design

Design like the picture above is very fitting to be used for a vacation. If you feel it is too much to build a house like the picture above, then you can make a villa at the top with a good view.

A wooden house and a swimming pool coupled with a natural view of the beach and garden will make anyone who is there very comfortable to relax. Villa houses like this will make you profitable and great success.

  1. Simple Chill House Design

15. Simple Chill House Design

The chill house design like the picture above is very unique and comfortable to be alone. For those of you who like tranquility, it is suitable to create a simple garden with a very comfortable swing seat.

  1. Design the Big Family House

16. Design the Big Family House

For those who live and have many relatives and go out, the design in the house like the picture above you can use for your big house. Give a special room for a room with lots of chairs and sofas to be comfortable for family gatherings.

Modern design but impressed minimalist and unique you can see in the design drawings above. A house with a high aesthetic makes your family feel at home to visit your home.

  1. Design Warm Corner House

17. Design Warm Corner House

Home design with a perfect location will produce a dazzling view. Your house which is located in the corner of the street you can design with several colors of warm lights at the edges. This makes your home very warm.

  1. Design The Luxury Brown House

18. Design The Luxury Brown House

The luxurious design with the color of the brown house in the picture above is located on the rotating stairs. Even though the house looks simple but with lots of glass, the hands rotate, and the order of chairs that fit makes it look very modern and luxurious.

  1. Minimalist Big House Design

19. Minimalist Big House Design

The next example of tropical house design is not like a house that is warm and relaxed in general. Examples of this design seem very modern and coock is used for your home in a big city. What stands out from this house is a modern minimalist design.

To add to the impression of a warm and cool tropical then use a few small grass plants for the garden in front of the house. If to relax, then this house is less visible from the front because it seems stiff in its design.

  1. Flower Store House Design

20. Flower Store House Design

For those who like parks, the design like the picture above is highly recommended for you. Many plants that hang like on sale and windows that look like cashiers, but you can also make access to see the conditions in the house.

Design as above in addition to home, you can develop a business from your hobby of gardening. A nice and neat design will make visitors visit your flower shop.

  1. Big Minimalist House Design

21. Big Minimalist House Design

The design of a large house is the dream of many people. Having a big house already makes you happy because it’s free to surround the house without getting bored. Also, with a minimalist design makes your home look.

Design details on the building above are visible at the top like two roofs and the front. The front is made as neat as possible with details protruding forward on each wall. Black colored iron fence gives a strong and safe impression to your home.

  1. House Side Design

22. House Side Design

The side design of the house that many people dream of is one that can be used to relax. The design details tend to be simple with only a few living trees.

Design details for his own house tend to be open. Judging from the design of the first floor that exposes all parts of the room. Meanwhile, the second-floor glass walls are only covered with white curtains that make the house look very nice.

  1. Design The Warm Room

23. Design The Warm Room

Design with a warm home you can see in the picture above. Lots of chairs and places to relax. Some additional designs such as glass walls, wooden stairs, and some glass as a housing divider seem very warm and open.

  1. Big Swimming Pool Design

24. Big Swimming Pool Design

The design with a large swimming pool makes your house look also very big. Add some places to relax on chairs or sleeping places to add an exotic and tropical feel.

Examples of tropical home design above is very suitable if you use in hotels, apartments, or even villas where family lodging. Surely your business will be in demand with the design of a large swimming pool.

  1. Gray Gloves House Design

25. Gray Gloves House Design

Design a house with a lot of plants you can say as a tropical home. Many houses with tropical designs in Indonesia because of the favorable weather. The combination of dark gray and neat plant layout makes your house seem very simple and elegant.

  1. Clean Interior Design

26. Clean Interior Design

The design of the house with white walls and some black sofas make the house look very clean and neat. Coupled with the design details in the room that uses glass as a wall to look into the swimming pool.

This design is suitable for your dream home. Also suitable for an expensive luxury apartment. If you do not want to be seen by many people then just close the curtain for the glass wall.

  1. Design of The High House

27. Design of The High House

The above design favors the design of a high house. With very good wall details make it a unique minimalist high house and you can use it for two floors or one floor with high walls.

  1. The Clean Park Side

28. The Clean Park Side

The design of the house above is very clean because the detail on the floor has no motive and only white. To the side of the house added a small garden to add coolness. This wide room is suitable for your big house if there are events that invite a lot of people.

  1. The Big Long Modern House

29. The Big Long Modern House

Besides being big, the house above is also long which makes it look very luxurious from the front. Details on the building are also very unique and good. If the room in picture 28 you join with this big house, it will be a fitting and good combination.

  1. Simple Tropic Long House Design

30. Simple Tropic Long House Design

You can see a simple tropical house design for Indonesia in the picture above. The house above you can make as a boarding house because of its simple design makes it look big with quite a lot of space.

  1. Modern Indonesian House Design

31. Modern Indonesian House Design

Good design for Indonesia with modern nuance in various places is like the picture above with a lot of warm brown color combination.

Also, the design details for the first and second floors are very unique. Although different, but you can still connect with a combination of white and brown.

  1. Design The Big Park House

32. Design The Big Park House

The next example of a tropical home design is a design that maximizes gardens and transparent homes. Even so, this design is more suitable for you to use as a plant shop as its main function. For home, you can take part in a private room.

  1. Interior Estetic Design

33. Interior Estetic Design

Esthetic interior design that you can use in large and small homes. If you use interior design like the picture above, you can also use a small house. Glass walls and wooden ceilings add aesthetic impression to this design.

  1. Modern Town House Design

34. Modern Town House Design

Even though it has a tropical climate, you can also make a house with a warm modern impression. You can use this design for your large land. The design details above are quite complicated but seem to be very luxurious with a combination of colors that are just right and warm.

  1. Big White Dream House Design

35. Big White Dream House Design

The next example of a tropical house design is a dream house with a white color design in all the details of his house and coupled with a blue swimming pool and some palm trees that add to the impression of tropical and relaxing simultaneously.

The design of a large house suitable for a swimming pool is that several rooms function as storage areas and white stairs located on the side of the house add to the impression of luxury.

  1. Simple Side House Design

36. Simple Side House Design

For the tropical design in the picture above, the brown and plant color combination is very fitting. If you want to give a special design on the side of the house downstairs, then the brown staircase design above is perfect for you.

  1. Design of the Big Palm House

37. Design of the Big Palm House

You can create a house with a large land with the main building house and also a lot of trees to add a tropical feel to your home. A very complicated design combined with the large number of large palm trees makes your home look simpler.

Use a white wall color and some combination of white and wood on your wall. Your house will look very luxurious and become everyone’s dream home.

  1. Yellow Warm House Design

38. Yellow Warm House Design

If you like the warmth of this tropical Indonesian climate then the warm yellow color at night should be the right choice. If you have a house in the cold highlands then the design of the house above is perfect for you to build.


Swimming pool with several plants gives a very interesting impression to people who see it. Use examples of tropical home designs that make you feel comfortable like in the picture above.

  1. Complicated Tropic House Design

39. Complicated Tropic House Design

The intricate house design but very suitable for tropical climate can be seen in the picture above. A house with lots of warm lights and some herbs makes it very comfortable.

Also, the design itself looks very difficult to build. Several different roofs give the impression of its uniqueness like a modern home with a high level of design difficulty. Your dream tropical home can be described with the above design.

  1. Design a Big White Clean House

40. Design a Big White Clean House

The design above is very simple with plain white color without complicated design details for the walls. The house seems very big and clean because in this design what is highlighted is the right room arrangement for the comfort of the family who lives in it.

  1. Big Palm Interior Design

41. Big Palm Interior Design

Interior design that is inside the house or the outside of the house, you can use a large palm tree to add a cool impression like on the beach. Also, palm trees give a warm tropical impression at night.

  1. Design Big House Big Park

42. Design Big House Big Park

The above design accentuates a large house with simple details in each section. Also, the park looks large and pleasant because many plants have different colors but remain the same, namely yellow, light green, dark green, and a little dark color.

  1. Design of Big Complicated House

43. Design of Big Complicated House

The design of a large house with a complex design and very detailed in each design such as a complicated house. At each end and parts have different unique designs. house like the picture above is suitable for you who live in a large urban area.

  1. Sofa Bed Interior Design

44. Sofa Bed Interior Design

Lately, sofa beds are widely used for interior design. Besides having good quality, the sofa bed is also comfortable for relaxing. Sofa bed is suitable for use in various types of homes, only you have to put it on the best side and fit in your home.

  1. Design The Big Swimming Pool Outdoor

45. Design The Big Swimming Pool Outdoor

The swimming pool design like the picture above is very suitable if you can use it to get your apartment. If the house is not fit because it is too wide for your home. Also, use the blue cabin color to look like the ocean of your pool.

  1. ​​Simple Wood Interior Design

46. Simple Wood Interior Design

An example of a simple tropical home design for an interior is to add a few chairs and a long table to gather with family and colleagues. Also, simple interiors like the one above don’t take up too much space.

  1. Complicated Yard Design

47. Complicated Yard Design

The above design looks like a house with a garden complete with various types of plants. You can use this design for the back of your house like a complicated garden. Surely your home looks like a fresh tropical forest.

  1. Design The Most Chilling Room

48. Design The Most Chilling Room

Relax with calm you can get by making a very comfortable room. Add a sofa bed and also some big pillows for your relaxing room. The picture above is the most appropriate place to relax with your family and colleagues.

  1. Design The Beautiful Big Room

49. Design The Beautiful Big Room

The design in the house like the picture above is very beautiful and big. However, separately the design as above is very suitable if used for design in cafes that are instagramable for filling Instagram feeds on millennials.

Interior design that prioritizes aesthetics and lots of seating is very rarely used for ordinary homes. The room is quite warm if used to sip coffee for your visitors.

  1. Simple Interior House Design

50. Simple Interior House Design

Simple interior design with only a few parts at each end can be seen as the picture above. This design you can use for your house with type 36. What is highlighted from this interior is the uniform brown color that keeps the room warm.

Recommended examples of tropical house designs above starting from the front, middle room, to the back of the house have been presented in full and detail. Now, which design is the favorite for your dream home.

49+ Examples of Tropical House Designs (Luxurious and elegant)

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