49+ Examples of Shophouse Design (Luxury)

Shophouse Design – Building a shophouse project with a particular design is indeed a fairly complicated job. The shophouse is a building that consists of a shop and also a house which is usually located at the top. Here are some examples of storehouse designs that you can see.

These designs can be a reference for you who intend to build a shophouse in an area with modern and old designs.

  1. Modern Shop Houses 3 floors

1. Modern Shop Houses 3 floors

The first shop house design is a shophouse design with a modern look consisting of three floors. The design resembles that of a building in a shopping center. Modern and suitable for use as a place to sell modern goods.

  1. Luxury Shop Style House

2. Luxury Shop Style House

If at first glance it looks like a private home. But who would have thought if the design of the house is the design of a shophouse? The modern design resembles a private home is quite interesting when seen.

  1. Shop Houses Brown and Cream Color

3. Shop Houses Brown and Cream Color

If the example of the previous storehouse design uses a lot of glass to coat the walls of the house, then this one design shows the beauty of the color of the paint used on the wall. Shophouse has a brown and beige color that blends to form a beautiful shophouse.

  1. Luxury Shop Design House

4. Luxury Shop Design House

In addition to a modern design, this one shophouse has the luxurious impression it displays. With a design like this surely visitors will be able to see that the goods being sold are high class. With this shop, visitors can feel comfortable being in the house.

The shape of the roof is pointed and different from the roof next to it also shows the unique design of the shophouse. The upper floor is also longer than the lower floor.

  1. Rectangular Shape Shophouse Design

5. Rectangular Shape Shophouse Design

Viewed from far and near, this shophouse is still attractive because it has an elevated shape. The shape of the shop consists of three floors that have different sizes for each floor. The upper floor has a higher size than the two floors below.

While the second floor has a smaller size than the lower floor, namely the 1st floor which is the part that is used to sell goods or shops.

  1. Shophouse and Rooftop

6. Shophouse and Rooftop

This shop house design is unique because it has a ladder on the outside side of the house that is seen as access to the top of the house, the rooftop. Usually, this shophouse has a rooftop section that is used for drying clothes.

However, because the upper part is not too prominent, it will not be seen if you are there. Also, the design on the walls is unique by combining white, yellow, and blue donkey.

  1. Shop Houses with Many Doors

7. Shop Houses with Many Doors

Having a shophouse that has lots of doors on the lower floor will be beneficial, because visitors can enter easily when the store is crowded. The use of glass in the shop will also make more optimal lighting in the room.

Not only lighting, but the use of glass on the door will also show the products you sell. This can attract customers to visit and buy the items you sell at your store.

  1. Big City Style Shop House Design

8. Big City Style Shop House Design

The design of the house as well as this one shop looks magnificent with a classic design and also shows the modern side. The top floor of the house has many checkered windows like a luxury home.

The white color used also supports the design of the building itself. Looking at the design of this shophouse you seem to be in a big city with heavy traffic and many buildings around it.

  1. Shady Shop Houses

9. Shady Shop Houses

This shop house design looks shady and seems comfortable to live in when seen at night. The colors used are not too flashy and further highlight the side that makes the house feel comfortable even though there is a shop underneath.

This house has a glass balcony that can be used as a place to look around and also a place to relax.

  1. Shop Houses in the Countryside

10. Shop Houses in the Countryside

The shape of this shophouse is different from most shophouses, but it still shows a modern side. Part of the house in this design is more closed and does not look like a normal shop house.

  1. Shop Houses with Opposite Sides

11. Shop Houses with Opposite Sides

If usually the shophouse is on one side between the house and the shop. You can try to make both sides, namely the front of the house that is different from usual. The front of the store will look like a shop without a house with a high top and a wall.

Whereas the part of the house faces to the side and is located on the second floor. The lower part of the house shows only a wall and a small hallway that is used as a ladder to get to the house. This design is suitable for use in shophouses located at the T-junction and intersection.

  1. Minimalist Style Shop Houses

12. Minimalist Style Shop Houses

The simplicity shown in this house does not make it ugly, instead it makes it unique. Different styles and also the old school impression that emerged from some of the ornaments in this shop are the uniqueness of this one design.

The existence of two chimneys like horns is also very unique and fits in with the existing window design concept in this design.

  1. Horizontal Style Shop Houses

13. Horizontal Style Shop Houses

Indeed, the row of shophouses we are used to seeing throughout Indonesia. But the horizontal style shop house design in this row is very unusual. The design shows the form of a shophouse that extends like a beam in a horizontal standing state.

Besides the use of glass windows in almost all the front of the shop also makes it more charming.

  1. Examples of Design of Large Double-Sided Shop Houses

14. Examples of Design of Large Double-Sided Shop Houses

This design is a variation of the previous two-sided shop house design. This design has a larger size and also has three floors in the shophouse building. And unique again, this shophouse has two balconies overlooking the side of the house.

The shop side faces the side of the house and coincides with the road used by pedestrians. Looks very unique and more efficient.

  1. Two Dimensional Style Shop House Design

15. Two Dimensional Style Shop House Design

Unlike shop house designs that usually have windows and doors, this shophouse design is unique because it is only a rectangular flat that has trapezoid and square holes when viewed from a distance.

This shophouse is unique because the holes are the entrance and windows of the shophouse. If at night, the shophouse will look unique with only glowing holes visible.

  1. Shop Houses for Roadside Areas

16. Shop Houses for Roadside Areas

The roadside area has indeed become a strategic area to build a shopping business. Because the area is an area where vehicles pass by, so that visitors can immediately stop by the shop.

One of the shophouse designs for the roadside area you can see in the example above. The color chosen was not too flashy, even dark.

  1. Full-Color Shop House Design

17. Full-Color Shop House Design

This house is suitable for those of you who like the colors of the house and don’t like the minimalist house colors that only use white and gray. Existing colors in this design differ from one shop to another.

  1. Pale Color Shophouse Design

18. Pale Color Shophouse Design

Maybe you do not like the colors that are too flashy that can dazzle the eye. For that, one of the shophouse designs above you can use for the shop design that you are going to build. The colors used are pale and look like an old-fashioned building.

Also, the selected window is a window with curved edges with squares like old school windows but from the shop’s appearance, it still looks modern.

  1. Shophouse with Zig-zag roof

19. Shophouse with Zig-zag roof

This shophouse is very modern with a different design. Part of the roof that is on the elongated shophouse looks zig-zag. The shape of the house is also no longer shaped like a box but usually slim on the right and left side.

  1. Two-Store Shop Houses

20. Two-Store Shop Houses

If you usually design a shophouse in the form of a house located on the top floor of a shop, this time the design is the part of the house next to the shop. Although located on the side but still united with the store next to it.

  1. The shape of the box in the shophouse design

21. The shape of the box in the shophouse design

Box-shaped shop house designs are also commonly found in our daily lives. But usually the shop is lined or lined up and connecting between one and the other. This time the box shop designed as a stand-alone shop that looked independent.

The design is also unique especially on the walls that are given spots so it doesn’t look too plain.

  1. Example of Shop House Design with Solar Panels

22. Example of Shop House Design with Solar Panels

Seeing the design of the shophouse on this one you will certainly think that the shop is very energy efficient and also modern because it already has its modern electricity source. But it might be very expensive to build a shop that has a power source with solar panels.

  1. Shop Houses All Sides

23. Shop Houses All Sides

One more unique storehouse that you can try to implement is a shophouse that utilizes all sides of the box building. So in addition to the front side, the side of the house is also a shop as well as a house above it.

Indeed the front part is a shop in the house and the other part consists of walls, but this one design discusses the use of your shop the most complete with everything at the entrance and also the balcony.

  1. Trapezoidal Shop House Design

24. Trapezoidal Shop House Design

It looks like a house design with a form that is not so much owned by the building owner to be the form that many building designers choose now. For example the design of a shophouse with a trapezoidal shape that forms an angle of less than 90o in one corner.

  1. Shophouse with Classic European Building Design

25. Shophouse with Classic European Building Design

Characteristics of European classical buildings are on the walls of houses that have carvings or motifs. This characteristic is also suitable for building semi-modern shop houses. Modern impression can be obtained by installing building materials such as doors and modern style windows.

  1. Glass Shop Houses

26. Glass Shop Houses

In addition to its spacious yard, this shophouse looks modern and beautiful with the use of glass in the lower part of the shophouse. The shape of the glass door also varies to provide its variations and colors in the row of storehouses.

  1. Shophouse with Checkered Windows

27. Shophouse with Checkered Windows

The window in the shophouse design is in the shape of a plot like a very dominant rice field. At night this house will look beautiful with the light in the house combined with the concept of a window map.

The building is modern in style but has a slightly more old-fashioned look. Around the second floor is also fitted with a divider as on the balcony.

  1. Variations Rooftop Shop Houses

28. Variations Rooftop Shop Houses

Previously, shop houses that were built with a design had a rooftop and there were also outside stairs leading to the blue rooftop. While this one design has a difference in the use of color alone, the other designs remain the same.

This design will give you an idea of ​​how if a shophouse design is combined with other colors.

  1. Modern Style Honeycomb Store House

29. Modern Style Honeycomb Store House

Examples of storehouse design on this one show the modern side of the building. This building has a wall shape that resembles a special beehive with honey. Also, the shape of the building was unique and unusual with the shape of a spill.

As we know that the shape of the temple is a form that is identical to the motifs on Javanese batik. Tumpal motif is an inverted triangle isosceles motif and also stands up alternately to form a motif.

  1. Shop House Design with Large and Modern Parking Lots

30. Shop House Design with Large and Modern Parking Lots

The design of this shophouse in addition to providing ample car parking space, also displays a luxurious modern side. The concept of this luxury shop house building can be an alternative for those of you who want to have a modern-style shophouse like an urban shophouse.

  1. Exposing Store Content? No problem

Exposing Store Content? No problem

The product will look tempting when the shop that sells it can work around this in away. One way to expose the products you sell to attract customers is to create a shop with glass walls to make it more effective.

And if you also want to build a house on it, then it never hurts to consider the design above to be a choice of storehouse design.

  1. Colorful, colorful shops

32. Colorful, colorful shops

The colors of the shop can make the building look more attractive with a variety of colors. One of them is a shophouse design in a row like the picture above. The colors used are not just one color, but several different colors.

  1. Flats Shop

33. Flats Shop

Living in a flat is indeed an option for some people who are reluctant to stay at home because of the high cost. The design of the apartment, as well as the shop above you, can choose if you want to build an apartment complete with sales.

This can slightly help residents of flats to meet their needs without the need to buy in distant places.

  1. Contemporary Shop Houses

34. Contemporary Shop Houses

Examples of storehouse design that looks modern but still has a contemporary feel you can also choose as your building design concept. The use of natural stone will also make the shop more different from the others.

  1. Incorporating the Concept of Multi-storey Buildings

35. Incorporating the Concept of Multi-storey Buildings

The shiny walls of the building you can put in the concept of a shophouse that you will build. Of course, the appearance of the storehouse will look more modern and classy. Existing building components also have a modern concept.

This shop house design has 3 floors of a building with balconies on the second and third floors. And the shiny part on the side of the building.

  1. The irregular shape of the house

36. The irregular shape of the house

This shophouse has several houses, but because the design is irregular in shape, it will look like a large building. For color, this shophouse building chooses bright colors that are quite concentrated.

Shophouse design like this is already often seen, and maybe this time you can design a reference for you who want a building design like that.

  1. Small Three Storey Shop Houses

37. Small Three Storey Shop Houses

Shophouses built on this land are completely evenly distributed according to the existing land. The shape of this house is certainly longer to the top because it saves land use. In order not to look too narrow, use brighter colors.

This shophouse is suitable to accommodate the sale of some items that are not too large, such as electronic equipment, clothing stores, and others.

  1. Shop Houses and Motives

38. Shop Houses and Motives

This shophouse looks unique with its walls that are not plain but many have motifs such as reliefs on stone carvings. These motifs make the house more unique and have high art. So it’s not just a house and also a shop but a house that has art.

Making these motifs certainly requires experts who can make strokes on the wall beautifully. Even though the color is plain, the house will look expensive and classy.

  1. Wooden Door Shop House

39. Wooden Door Shop House

Not only the door that uses wood, this house and shop design also uses wood in the window design that does not show any use of glass at all. The color of wood in windows and doors is not only brown but also other colors.

Looks old-fashioned but still interesting to be used as a concept of a storehouse building that looks unique and interesting

  1. Playing Bright Colors at the Shophouse

40. Playing Bright Colors at the Shophouse

The colors in the shophouse design above are very unique and very attractive with the colors arranged. The color arrangement is very suitable and looks beautiful, even though this building is not a large enough building for each shop.

Starting from the light blue color next to it there is a bright orange shophouse to other colors that tend to be bright, plus the motifs on the walls make this shop house unique and beautiful.

  1. Shop Houses with Brave Color

41. Shop Houses with Brave Color

The blue color in this shop looks very concentrated, but instead becomes the uniqueness of this one shophouse compared to the usual shop house design. The existence of a gate in front of the entrance also adds to the uniqueness of the design.

  1. Old Town Concept Shop Houses

42. Old Town Concept Shop Houses

Buildings in the old city are sometimes in great demand because of their peculiarities. One of the inspirations obtained when looking at buildings in the old city is an example of a shophouse design on this one.

The characteristics of the building can be taken from the color selection and the shape of the building itself, depending on your interest in which part.

  1. Practical Style Shop Houses

43. Practical Style Shop Houses

The practical in question is practical in terms of the impression displayed from this one shophouse. The use of a roof that is not made of zinc, tile, or cement also adds practical value in the store.

  1. Shop House What Palace?

44. Shop House What Palace?

Maybe you will be a little surprised when you first see the design of this one storehouse. The reason is that this shophouse building will not be widely mistaken as building a shophouse. Luxurious and magnificent architectural design is one of the causes.

  1. Metropolitan Store Houses

45. Metropolitan Store Houses

Living in a metropolitan city, you can build a shop house concept with that theme. Of course, with a modern design as in the example of a shophouse design above. Its location on the side of the road requires a form that should be able to attract people to stop by the store.

  1. ​​Semi Modern Shop Houses

46. Semi Modern Shop Houses

Its location in a big city does not make the traditional elements disappear in the design of this shophouse. The concept of a combination of modern and traditional is one of the ideas of the design of this shophouse.

You will be able to see the shape of the building which is a bit old-fashioned but changed with a brighter color and also the roof that is not found in old shophouses.

  1. Shophouse Concept Mall

47. Shophouse Concept Mall

This shophouse is suitable for the concept of a shop building as well as a large residence and sells a large variety of items in large quantities. Not only consists of two floors, but this shop house design builds four floors at a time.

So it’s no wonder that the second floor of this building can still be used as a shop, while the house is placed at the very top.

  1. Shop Houses are Crowded with Visitors

48. Shop Houses are Crowded with Visitors

The initial concept of the creation of this design is a place or shophouse that is anticipated if there will be very many visitors. The place is designed to provide parking spaces as well as pedestrian traffic that enters the business premises.

So that the front of the shophouse building will be wider and given the addition of strong paving and pressure resistance. To make it more interesting, I also planted several trees with blooming flowers.

  1. Pelangi Glass Shop House

49. Pelangi Glass Shop House

If previously it has been explained about the colorful shape of a shophouse like a rainbow in the color selection of wall paint, now what will be discussed is a more modern part. The colors are no longer indicated by the walls but the glass has several colors.

The glass forms several abstract paintings that are very beautiful. Its location in the city center, will make this building the center of attention with its luxury that shows the modern side of a building.

  1. Simple Shop Houses

50. Simple Shop Houses

This type of house is not much different from ordinary houses with shops below. Although simple, but this house is very suitable to be applied by those of you who are looking for a home as well as a shop with a cheap budget.

Examples of storehouse designs that have been described above have their uniqueness. Now it is your turn to choose several designs that can be a reference or inspiration in building an attractive storehouse.

49+ Examples of Shophouse Design (Luxury)

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