40 Examples of Pink Kitchen Design (prettiest)

Pink Kitchen Design – Not surprisingly, many people choose this color as the basis and color of furniture in the kitchen. In addition to the feminine impression, the color pink also looks bright and cheerful. Suitable with the atmosphere expected when setting foot in the kitchen.

Well, here are some examples of beautiful pink kitchen designs to be your reference.

  1. Pink strawberry kitchen design

1. Pink strawberry kitchen design

You can carry the pink strawberry pink today to apply the concept of a feminine and trendy kitchen. The bright nuance blends perfectly with the silver reflection of the stainless coating on the other side.

Separation of hob in a separate table makes you not have to worry about littering other furniture. Even if it’s already dirty, you can easily wipe it.

  1. Pink magenta kitchen design with a long table

2. Pink magenta kitchen design with a long table

Different impressions come with a touch of attractive and elegant magenta colors. Although only decorate on the walls and bottom of the long table, this color gives a strong romantic impression. Refrigerators and ovens come together in a large cabinet. While the hop and stainless sink together with the table.

  1. Minimalist kitchen design with a touch of hot pink

3. Minimalist kitchen design with a touch of hot pink

Examples of pink kitchen designs that do not dominate the room you can see in this design. Hot pink is only applied to a few cabinets, but it can brighten the surrounding area. That way, the all-white minimalist kitchen design can look more alive.

  1. Rustic basic pink salmon kitchen design

4. Rustic basic pink salmon kitchen design

Rustic design was not only applicable in the middle of the old school colors. You can combine it with a calm pink salmon so it doesn’t look lame. While the use of a wooden cabinet is only focused at the bottom, flanking the standing hob in the middle.

With open shelves for various spices and cutlery, you can see a more tangible display of a kitchen. The gray melancholy color and scrap metal also add to the impression of being more rustic.

  1. Modern rosewood kitchen design

5. Modern rosewood kitchen design

The pink rosewood variant is also safe to apply to the impression of a mature feminine. On the wall, use the color of the flamingo so that it is not too contrasting and colliding. Geometric round patterns on the walls and flowers in the cabinet make the atmosphere more lively and crowded.

  1. Minimalist colonial kitchen design

6. Minimalist colonial kitchen design

Houses with colonial designs give priority to materials that are sturdy and durable. This is evident in the use of strong wood in various corners of the kitchen. All wrapped in white to manipulate space to appear wider. While the surface of the table, you can choose wood too.

  1. Minimalist eclectic ballet slipper kitchen design

7. Minimalist eclectic ballet slipper kitchen design

The eclectic style is so unique because it combines vintage and contemporary styles in one space. The peninsula concept saves space, feels maximum in this kitchen. While the antique wooden table tooling chairs reinforce the impression of a thick vintage. The more unified thanks to the muted color of the ballet slipper.

  1. Open magenta kitchen shelf design

8. Open magenta kitchen shelf design

A simple kitchen can also be realized with a simple design and reduce the use of a cabinet on the upper wall. As a substitute, take advantage of space by adding shelves and elongated stainless handles. Both can be maximized to put the existing tools.

While the selection of magenta colors in the lower cabinet you can also uniform with a cooker hood. This also makes it part of the decoration.

  1. Creative pink minimalist kitchen design

9. Creative pink minimalist kitchen design

The minimalist concept always fits in a variety of styles and styles. Evident from the selection of creative pink color wall patterns but still elegant.


While in other parts, nothing striking is a differentiator. It’s just that all the room decorations are wrapped in a choice of safe colors such as white, silver, some pink furniture, and a choice of clear eccentric chairs.

  1. Pink bubblegum kitchen design

10. Pink bubblegum kitchen design

For modern kitchens where the entire room is almost covered in silver from kitchen utensils, try giving another touch to the wall surface. Bubblegum pink color can be an option to display a bright and warm impression. Plus, the kitchen isn’t too rigid and manly anymore.

  1. Shabby chic colonial kitchen design

11. Shabby chic colonial kitchen design

There’s nothing wrong with applying the colonial concept in your kitchen. Even though it looks old-fashioned and old-school, you can combine it with a variety of brightly colored tools. Call it a variety of plastic flowers to display the impression of a beautiful shabby chic.

  1. Blackpink island kitchen design

12. Blackpink island kitchen design

If you have enough space and funds, you can apply the island kitchen model at home. That way, you can maximize the available space. The color play in this pink and black kitchen design example looks so ideal combining feminine and manly impression.

  1. Minimalist flamingo kitchen design

13. Minimalist flamingo kitchen design

Elongated narrow space in fact can be transformed into a comfortable kitchen area. The pale and soft pink flamingo is perfect for impressing a new warm but not overdone feel. The addition of carpet on the wooden floor also gives a neat new scenery.

  1. Elegant black kitchen design

14. Elegant black kitchen design

Examples of elegant black kitchen designs that you can trace at home. One side features black accents on the cupboards and top-down cabinet so it looks manly. To compensate, also present a tabletop nuanced bright but calm in peach and white wrapping.

  1. Modern glossy minimalist kitchen design

15. Modern glossy minimalist kitchen design

A safe choice for limited space can be made by applying the concept of modern minimalism. The dominant white effect gives the appearance of vast space. To neutralize it choose bright colors like pink magenta. While glossy finishing will make it easier for you to clean it.

  1. Victorian Style kitchen design

16. Victorian Style kitchen design

One of the most obvious things that confirms the concept of Victoria in the form of a cooker hood and various golden beige tinge. With a clean white base concept, this Victorian concept is a safe choice for an effortlessly chic looking kitchen.

Add a clear seat with pink shades, matching the candle chandelier on the ceiling.

  1. U-shaped hot pink kitchen design

17. U-shaped hot pink kitchen design

For lovers of pink, bold choices with walls clad in hot pink paint will bring its value. Thick modern impression now no longer feels monotonous thanks to the presence of this bright color. The selected U model also helps the kitchen look more spacious.

  1. Minimalist chic Klask kitchen design

18. Minimalist chic Klask kitchen design

The white color always fits in any room, including the kitchen. This color will also blend nicely into the classic concept. For additional accents, use a geometric patterned backsplash so it isn’t too lame. Faded flamingo color accessories can also be an option.

  1. Modern minimalist black ink kitchen design

19. Modern minimalist black ink kitchen design

The union of pink and black indeed carries a strong and elegant impression. Instead of choosing a classy pink variant, you should just use a softer and cooler pink salmon. Give a texture on the wall with geometric grooves and accessories that arise to give a dramatic effect.

  1. Pink wood accent kitchen design

20. Pink wood accent kitchen design

You can also easily realize the following pink kitchen design examples. Just give it the color of magenta that fits in one of the dinting. Furthermore, you are free to use neutral colors for all tools because it has been helped by the magenta’s lively impression.

  1. Glossy modern kitchen design

21. Glossy modern kitchen design

Modern look you can easily get by applying a glossy finish in the kitchen. Shiny appearance like this can give an expensive and classy look. Especially if it is paired with elegant jet black ornaments.

  1. Peach modern muted kitchen design

22. Peach modern muted kitchen design

Just glance at it, you will feel comfortable about the calm peach color that dominates this angle. With a parallel pantry table design, the kitchen looks more roomy. Moreover, all tools are stored in a full-standing cabinet that rises to the top.

While the only tabletop can function as a dining table. High-legged seating with dominant black color is very good to exude an elegant impression.

  1. Scandinavian-style kitchen design

23. Scandinavian-style kitchen design

Nordic society style that gave rise to Scandinavian kitchen design can be an attractive choice for kitchen models at home. Pale crepe walls and a statement that reinforces this concept. Especially other tools that are cold.

Combine this cold room concept with accessories and furniture in matching colors, like rose gold for example. Present a high chair to be on par with the tabletop. As for the carpet, choose a beautiful geometric motif.

  1. Pink minimalist kitchen design

24. Pink minimalist kitchen design

If you have wide but not enough space for a full room, try to apply this example of a pink kitchen design. Tables that are in one line are parallel, you can save space because it takes up a lot of insulation.

The color of the pink watermelon cabinet at the bottom and the white at the top are contrasting but beautiful. Let the backsplash clad in white ceramic to make it look clean.

  1. Minimalist kitchen design model L

25. Minimalist kitchen design model L

Take advantage of the divider in the corner of the window by turning it into an elegant kitchen. By facing the window, you can save lighting. So as not to be too conspicuous, let some parts obscured by black.

  1. Design kitchen island facing the window

26. Design kitchen island facing the window

Open model kitchen with a window is indeed special. Especially if the space is roomy so that it can adopt the island kitchen concept. If the white color is too shaky, you can reduce it with other variants, such as pink magenta gradations and ballet slipper on the tabletop side.

  1. Pink coral kitchen design

27. Pink coral kitchen design

If you want to apply a pink color that isn’t too flashy, you can choose a soft and calm pink coral. The overall color of the cabinet, backsplash to the wall in a matching color combination does not look boring thanks to a variety of fruits and vegetables that are used as accessories.

  1. Modern fuscia L-shaped kitchen

28. Modern fuscia L-shaped kitchen

You can count on the color of fuscia to give the kitchen a fresh look. No need to fuss over everything, just stretch this color on your cabinet. Simple, but this fuscia cabinet with shiny modern design openings is very beautiful to complement your kitchen.

  1. Peach contemporary kitchen design

29. Peach contemporary kitchen design

Peach-colored cabinet will make your kitchen look good-looking and charming. Her soft impression is very fitting for a motherly person. Leave the backsplash covered with white ceramic so it is easy to wipe when dirty. Give an oriental touch with ornaments on the window.

  1. European classical kitchen design

30. European classical kitchen design

You can make an alternative European style kitchen style. Blend pastel colors such as rosewood and seaweed in a deep, dark gradation. Rocks accents with prominent motifs will also enhance the appearance of your walls.

  1. Barbie style kitchen design

31. Barbie style kitchen design

If you idolize Barbie, you can adopt the cute pink-blue style into your kitchen design. It is better to use pastel colors so they are not too conspicuous. Also complete with tools such as freestanding hob and other fun trinkets.

  1. Contemporary modern pink kitchen design

32. Contemporary modern pink kitchen design

Not only in classic kitchen models, but contemporary style is also great embedded in modern designs. The design which resembles the layout of a bar gives a different wah impression. The terraced wall on the back with geometric triangle lines successfully beautifies the appearance.

Moreover, the display in rose pastel color is similar to the long chair at the front. To store utensils, use the lower cabinet and high cabinet on the left side.

  1. Scandinavian purple kitchen design

33. Scandinavian purple kitchen design

If you like the classic style, you can apply this dark purple kitchen design example. With opal-purple door cabinet and monochrome motif walls, you will feel an elegant and pale impression. Use carpets for floor mats so they don’t slip when water splashes.

  1. Modern pink blush kitchen design

34. Modern pink blush kitchen design

Modern kitchens generally use quality choice materials because they uphold the functional value and strength. You can choose a tabletop made from natural stone material such as marble which is sturdy, beautiful, and easy to clean. For cabinets, use elegant pink blush.

  1. Colorful rustic kitchen design

35. Colorful rustic kitchen design

No problem combining various materials and designs in one unit. With the right arrangement, you will get an epic rustic kitchen. Material with different style and color becomes its value to reveal the owner’s eccentric side.

  1. Open lilac purple kitchen design

36. Open lilac purple kitchen design

Purple lilac is also suitable for an open kitchen concept like a bar. Color matching cabinet and tabletop sides will beautify your space. Additional wood elements in chairs, cabinets, and some other furniture can provide the right combination.

  1. Modern minimalist kitchen design

37. Modern minimalist kitchen design

If you have a limited budget, this simple and inexpensive kitchen design example can be an option. To make it look more intent, apply a touch of blue and pink coral to make it look fresher.

  1. Pink Fuschia cabinet design

38. Pink Fuschia cabinet design

The pink fuscia cabinet looks so bright and eye-catching that it is suitable for use as a neutralizer in plain spaces. Its presence can enliven the kitchen and turn on the energy around it.

  1. Design a fancy kitchen concrete table

39. Design a fancy kitchen concrete table

For a wide area and standard concept that is clear, it is impossible to tamper with it anymore, you can use a concrete tabletop. However, remember that this is permanent and you cannot change it at will if you get bored. This type is good for future investment and saves maintenance.

  1. Minimalist stacked kitchen shelf design

40. Minimalist stacked kitchen shelf design

Having a narrow kitchen will not be a problem if you know how to work around this. Maximize tabletop for cooking, prepare ingredients, put seasoning bottles until serving. The combination of bright colors will help make a crowded atmosphere feel more comfortable.

Of all the designs above, would you prefer the example of a pink kitchen design to be applied at home?

40 Examples of Pink Kitchen Design (prettiest)

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