49+ Examples of Open Kitchen Design (classic and cool)

Open Kitchen Design – If you have a house with beautiful surroundings. Then you should provide two kitchens, open and closed. Especially when a family gathering, it’s better to be held in a large yard. Well, if you want to find inspiration, here is an example of an open kitchen design that can be applied to your dream home.

  1. Open Kitchen Classic and Modern Blend

1. Open Kitchen Classic and Modern Blend

The kitchen model above is very interesting and fitting if applied to a house located on the side of the field. To the left of it, there is space used as a wooden container with a modern stove model.

And grill the chicken on the other side. Equipped with a table located in the middle and a top layer that has been polished with cement to look smooth. Make it not easy to get dirty and easy to clean.

  1. Granite Stone Open Kitchen

2. Granite Stone Open Kitchen

Granite is already familiar to Indonesian people. In addition to beautifying the exterior design of the house, it is also used for kitchen set components. Moreover, open kitchens are more often exposed to rain and heat.

So using this type of stone is very necessary. You can combine it with aluminum cabinet doors. With wood that has been processed so that it can withstand fire and heat.

  1. U Shape White Kitchen

3. U Shape White Kitchen

If this one you can use for a house located next to a forest or plantation. With the combination of white brown color can give a warm feel. You can also add decorative lights to hang on.

  1. American Open Kitchen

4. American Open Kitchen

It is typical of Americans that they prefer to have an outdoor kitchen. With a stove or grill equipment that can be assembled. So it is safe if winter arrives.

The components are made of strong rocks, the top layer is also permanent. So it is resistant to all types of weather and can be used for a long period.

  1. Gray Kitchen Behind the House

5. Gray Kitchen Behind the House

If there is space behind the house. You can form a kitchen complete with a sofa and dining table beside it. Add a transparent roof at the top, to add a natural impression.

So, you don’t need to be confused anymore to look for a cool hangout. Because you already have yourself at home. You can use it to gather with loved ones.

  1. Ala Cafe Kitchen Design

6. Ala Cafe Kitchen Design

The picture above is an example of the design of a coffee shop kitchen that is currently in the present. Warm brown color with a white sofa to the left, and stunning lighting accessories.

It is suitable if you want to open a small business at home. For the floor, you can use paving, so it is not slippery when exposed to rain.

  1. Open Side Kitchen Swimming Pool

7. Open Side Kitchen Swimming Pool

If the example of this open kitchen design, it is very fitting if placed next to a swimming pool. Brown granite can bring the atmosphere to be more pleasant and beautiful.

You can prepare food while accompanying the family to swim. It also greatly eases the work if you hold a small birthday event beside the pool. Because no need to go back and forth into the house.

  1. Ala Paris Open Kitchen

8. Ala Paris Open Kitchen

Have you ever gone to Paris, if you pay attention to the kitchen of the people’s homes there must be very similar to this one? You can also apply it, especially if your residence is located next to a rose plantation. It must be more beautiful.

  1. Brown Outdoor Kitchen

9. Brown Outdoor Kitchen

The brown color is very beautiful if applied anywhere. Including the main color in this outdoor kitchen. You can apply it next to the lake equipped with a grill on the kitchen set.

You do not need to be confused anymore looking for a place to celebrate new years, holidays, or family gatherings. Because the concept of a lake-side kitchen is more interesting.

  1. Kraton Outdoor Kitchen Ornaments

10. Kraton Outdoor Kitchen Ornaments

If you have ever been to Yogyakarta Palace or others. The ornaments on the walls are not much different from this one. You can create it as you wish. Whether it’s a form of puppets or something else.

You can also add small decorative lights to the roof. So it can bring a romantic impression.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen Material Wood

11. Outdoor Kitchen Material Wood

This outdoor shaped kitchen is made of permanent wall material and the top layer. As well as cabinet doors and chairs made of wood. Give a simple impression, you can add other accessories to make it look more beautiful.

Planting trees that are not too high, serves as a refreshing eye. Just a note, because the chair is made of non-waterproof material. Better to put in when it rains.

  1. Design Kitchen Dining Stalls

12. Design Kitchen Dining Stalls

The picture above is an example of the design of a buffet dining kitchen that is rarely used in Indonesia. With a mini-fridge located at the left end of the cabinet and a toaster that is designed in such away.

It certainly can attract customers to come to your place. But cleanliness must also be maintained so that customers feel more comfortable.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen Ala Traditional House

13. Outdoor Kitchen Ala Traditional House

If you have a traditional house but want a modern touch to one part of the house. Then the kitchen becomes the right choice. Especially if placed in a room that is quite open with a touch of brown as in the picture.

Guaranteed anyone who visits will be fascinated to see it. Families will also like to eat at home.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen Garden House

14. Outdoor Kitchen Garden House

The home garden has become a pleasant place to gather. Moreover, added the kitchen made as in the picture surrounded by wood from the side to the top.

You can add a dining table in front of it. Or build a small gazebo to shelter when it rains. So it is not a barrier to togetherness.

  1. Lake Side Modern Mini Kitchen

15. Lake Side Modern Mini Kitchen

To build a kitchen like the picture above, you need 3mx3m of space. Examples of kitchen ventilation designs are very simple with the right placement. So in addition to cooking, you can also see natural scenery.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen Material Quartzite Stone

16. Outdoor Kitchen Material Quartzite Stone

Quartzite stone is indeed a strong material when used for kitchen sets. Coated with marble stone on the top. So it looks like a series of rocks in a cave.

You can add a fairly bright lighting. The more beautiful when the color of the floor is made matching.

  1. Modern White Kitchen

17. Modern White Kitchen

The example of an open kitchen design above is perfect if you have a house next to the hills. With a single kitchen set coupled with two tables beside it. You can use it when there is a family gathering.

Lots of cabinets with a fridge in the middle. Make it easy for you if you take or need something.

Add a tulip-shaped chandelier for decoration on the roof. Guaranteed your family will feel at home.

  1. Modern Ala Turkish Kitchen

18. Modern Ala Turkish Kitchen

The kitchen above looks very luxurious with a shiny kitchen set and dining table. You can apply it on the 2nd floor of your home. While enjoying the natural scenery from above.

Such a perfect design, able to welcome special guests. For example, company leaders, husband/wife families, and so forth.

  1. Brown Kitchen Model J

19. Brown Kitchen Model J

The touch of brown with the main material HPL is very luxurious to look at. Moreover, placed in a fairly spacious room. You can use the floor from paving, without reducing the beauty.

There is space for a mini-fridge at the far end of the kitchen set on the left. So that this kitchen model can function as a premiere or secondary kitchen.

  1. Stainless Single Line Outdoor Kitchen

20. Stainless Single Line Outdoor Kitchen

To make the kitchen above, you will not get significant difficulties. How not, enough with one gazebo behind the house and kitchen set that can be ordered at the service of the maker. Already get a kitchen as beautiful as this.

You should build near the lake as above. Equipped with a dining table and a grill. So no need to look for a place outside the city for BBs if you already have at home.

  1. Circle Model Outdoor Kitchens

21. Circle Model Outdoor Kitchens

Why is it called a modern circle? Because the walls are made of colorful bricks that surround the kitchen set. You can put it behind the house. But provide bright lighting at night.

The kitchen set carries the impression of being sterile and clean. Although dirty it is still easy to clean. You can put a small tent next to it for children’s play facilities.

  1. Modern Kitchen Open Ventilation

22. Modern Kitchen Open Ventilation

Who would not like to be offered a meal in the kitchen while seeing the beauty of nature, everyone would want to. This kitchen model has two dining tables. The one on the left that directly faces nature. The other is located in the middle.

You can choose one. The cabinet is also quite large so that it can accommodate some furniture. You can put the drink bottle on top.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen Ala Restaurant Floor 2

23. Outdoor Kitchen Ala Restaurant Floor 2

If this one is a good design if you want to open a restaurant business on the 2nd floor. An open kitchen with white dining tables on the front and left. Able to give the impression of luxury.

You can serve all types of food. Whether it’s seafood, junk food, Korean food, Russian food, and many others. Or if in Indonesia is currently booming sausage rolls. Now you can use this.

  1. Minimalist Single Line Outdoor Kitchen

24. Minimalist Single Line Outdoor Kitchen

If you need a minimalist kitchen located outside the room, then this example is the right choice. The function of the white curtain as your protection from the sun in the east/west.

Because cooking is usually done in the morning and afternoon. You can also put decorative lights on the ends.

  1. Greenhouse Model L Kitchens

25. Greenhouse Model L Kitchens

Your house is surrounded by glass? So that the more beautiful it is better to apply this model. The L shape is dominated by dark brown, with a brown dining table. It is a matching combination.

You can also build a small fish pond beside it. So that the mood to cook is increasing.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen Wooden Kitchen Set

26. Outdoor Kitchen Wooden Kitchen Set

Wood is arguably the best material for making all home appliances. Including the cabinet in the kitchen set. The best type is teak, with a little polish that makes it shinier.

If you want to make an outdoor kitchen located next to the park. Then the picture above is the right choice. Make two vents on the front and right. So cooking is not boring.

  1. Transparent Outdoor Kitchen Kitchen

27. Transparent Outdoor Kitchen Kitchen

This model is often used abroad. To get the best cooking experience. You can get full lighting either from the sun or moonlight because the roof is transparent.

Especially if placed on the 2nd floor directly facing the road. Able to reduce stress levels in cooking.

  1. Kitchen C Beach Side

28. Kitchen C Beach Side

Examples of open kitchen designs above are very fitting if placed next to the beach. With a dining table set and umbrella on it. Make you’re relaxing more enjoyable. It can be enjoyed anytime with friends.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen Kitchen Rock Set

29. Outdoor Kitchen Kitchen Rock Set

Some of the advantages of building a kitchen with rocks as the main ingredient are non-flammable, durable, and strong. It doesn’t matter if you install modern stoves and grills.

Because in the picture above, there is no cabinet for storing furniture. Then you can buy one additional cupboard. Or the building above was created by making room for the cabinet.

  1. Dark Gray Kitchen

30. Dark Gray Kitchen

Kitchen like the picture above is very fitting if placed in the backyard or side of the house. Model J with a small mini-bar that can be filled by 2-3 people. And modern cooking equipment placed in the middle can save space.

  1. Ala Granite Kitchen Restaurant Luxury

31. Ala Granite Kitchen Restaurant Luxury

You can apply for this kitchen if you have enough family members. Put it behind the house, with the main components of granite which makes it look very luxurious.

You can add a minibar, set the dining table. As well as accessories in the form of lights and stars that are hung above. Now, you can invite large families to eat at your home.

  1. Ala Villa American Outdoor Kitchen

32. Ala Villa American Outdoor Kitchen

If you have just bought or built a villa in a mountainous area. Like in Bogor or Malang. Then the kitchen model like this is the right choice. Placed on a gazebo in the backyard.

Coupled with beautiful green scenery. Also heating the room in front of which there are chairs to relax. You can rent it to people who want to BBQ or celebrate the new year.

  1. Red and White Kitchen Concept

33. Red and White Kitchen Concept

For this one, even though the concept of the house and arrangement is similar to foreign countries, the color of the furniture and kitchen set is Indonesian. White color brings a touch of warm, natural, and fresh.

While the red color is a symbol of passion and courage. So, if you want to celebrate independence day while eating together with family. Add green flower accessories to make it look fresh.

  1. Brown Kitchen White Combination

34. Brown Kitchen White Combination

If you see the white and brown colors that are on your mind is milk coffee. You can put this kitchen next to the swimming pool. So, when you are tired of swimming and want to rest.

You can immediately take and make something in the kitchen. Don’t forget to provide a set of lounge chairs opposite. Besides cooking, swimming, you can also chat and enjoy the afternoon with your partner.

  1. Gazebo Kitchens Include a Family Room

35. Gazebo Kitchens Include a Family Room

This model can be applied to homes that have a large area. You can build a gazebo filled with single line kitchen, dining table. And set of chairs to relax the family.

Add a lot of lighting and color matching with the concept that was carried. So that it can add a romantic impression. You can also put a television or refrigerator. But make sure everything is safe.

  1. Multi-storey Bar Kitchen

36. Multi-storey Bar Kitchen

You could say this is an outdoor half indoor concept huh. Large and direct ventilation into the wild. Being able to refresh your eyes, and make cooking activities more vibrant.

Minibar table that is made of multilevel. Can be used to cut vegetables and fruit. At the same time putting down the cuisine, you can put the television to watch news or other entertainment.

  1. Stone River Mini Components Kitchen

37. Stone River Mini Components Kitchen

To make this model kitchen does not require a large enough land only 10m x 5m behind the house. So as not to seem monotonous, you can add umbrellas and red dining table sets.

But the drawback, this model can only be used in the afternoon or evening. Because there is no place to put the lights yet. Or you can create it yourself by installing it from the right end to the left end.

  1. Indoor White Concept Kitchen

38. Indoor White Concept Kitchen

If previously discussed about the kitchen located outside the room. Then this one in the room. But it still seems impressed with the ventilation on the right which is big enough.

You can apply the U model even in a small room. So as not to seem boring, you can add accessories such as fruits, flowers, and others.

  1. Ala Domestic Fairy Tale Kitchen

39. Ala Domestic Fairy Tale Kitchen

The kingdom or house that often exists in children’s fairytale has a characteristic brick. Including this kitchen, but given a touch of ash that is different from usual. You can install glass windows around it.

So that air circulation and lighting run to the maximum. Kitchen sets are deliberately built with a table at the edges. Can be filled by 5-6 people. It makes you feel like you are in a fairytale kingdom.

  1. Single Line Romantic Kitchen

40. Single Line Romantic Kitchen

What do you think of when you first see the picture. Yes, romantic atmosphere. With a curved wooden design coupled with many lights around it. You can also warm yourself with the stove on the left.

But the drawbacks only fit for 5-6 people. So if you have more friends or family, you need to provide additional tables and chairs opposite. How are you interested?

  1. Special Outdoor Kitchen BBQ

41. Special Outdoor Kitchen BBQ

Winter or rain is good to gather with family and friends. Including BBQ or grilling meat. If you are looking for a special kitchen inspiration for him. The picture above is the right choice.

Equipped with a wooden container that will be put into the furnace. As body warmers, as well as modern BBQ and roasting equipment on the left side.

  1. Double Line Mini Outdoor Kitchen

42. Double Line Mini Outdoor Kitchen

The size of a mini kitchen set as much as two pieces with a size that is not too big and tall. Make your work more effective. It can be placed outside the room with a white wooden roof on it.

You no longer need to add cupboards to store a lot of furniture. Because the function of this kitchen is just as an addition. Enough is necessary and can be hung like in the picture.

  1. Full Brown Classic Kitchen

43. Full Brown Classic Kitchen

Touch of walls and floors made of brown bricks. With a kitchen set made of wood. Make this kitchen look more classic. The selection of its location which leads directly to the swimming pool is considered very appropriate.

Because after swimming can go directly to the kitchen to fill the stomach. Or you can also have a poolside party with a buffet concept. Without guests having to enter the house. It’s fun right?

  1. Ancient Single Line Kitchen

44. Ancient Single Line Kitchen

If indeed you do not want to disturb the beauty of the house with a kitchen. Then outdoor is the right choice. An example of an open kitchen design above can be your example.

But the drawbacks, can not be reached when the rainy or cold season. And maybe it can only be used on certain events, not every day.

  1. Minimalist Balcony Kitchen

45. Minimalist Balcony Kitchen

You can put it on the balcony of the apartment/house. If indeed there is no more space inside. The view of the trees around adds to the natural impression. You can add a set of plastic dining tables to cut vegetables.

This model kitchen is usually used by residents of single homes. Like students or overseas people. More efficient and efficient because it does not require a lot of equipment and a large space.

  1. ​​Golf Side Outdoor Kitchen

46. Golf Side Outdoor Kitchen

Simple kitchen concept with a wooden kitchen set coated with marble on it. Give the impression of simple but luxurious. The L-shape combination of the island saves you space. You can build it near a golf course.

  1. Mini Outdoor Kitchen Restaurant

47. Mini Outdoor Kitchen Restaurant

Do you want to open a mini restaurant by selling Kopo and snacks? An example of this open kitchen design you can apply. L-shaped with an area of ​​3m long and 1m wide.

You can add flower accessories and lamps that surround the roof to make it look attractive. So that visitors will come turns and get the maximum benefit.

  1. Beige Fancy Outdoor Kitchen

48. Beige Fancy Outdoor Kitchen

Applied to a rather large room, with a matching house concept. The beige color on the beautiful kitchen set and wooden roof creates a romantic and warm atmosphere.

If there is still an empty room, you can add several sets of dining tables with umbrellas on it. Don’t forget to add yellow lighting and accessories to the left of the kitchen set.

  1. Toaster Mini Kitchen Only

49. Toaster Mini Kitchen Only

Deliberately designed so specifically for roasting chicken or the like. You can provide space next to the garden with flowers in bloom. Coupled with a table to process food and on his left.

  1. Indoor Double Door Kitchen

50. Indoor Double Door Kitchen

Single line kitchen with a relaxing table in front of the stove to warm the body looks very warm huh. the two doors located on the right and left function as air circulation, which presents a view so as not to get bored.

With this model, you can use it for important events. Like family meetings, office friends, or small reunions with past friends. Don’t forget to provide a nice meal for guests.

Some examples of open kitchen designs above are very rarely applied in Indonesia. Because it carries concepts from abroad that offer various kinds of beauty. You need to adjust to the model of the house, garden, and geographical conditions. Is your home located in the mountains, the beach, or the wild?

49+ Examples of Open Kitchen Design (classic and cool)

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