49+ Examples of Home Design Type 36 (pretty minimalist)

Home Design Type 36 – Owning a house with a small family does not need to use land with a very large area. You can use the example of home design type 36 for the small house of your dreams. In the village and the city is the right place to build a small house.

Houses with type 36 are houses that have a total land area of ​​36 cm2. To just adjust the size 6 x 6 or 9 x4 and others, here are some examples of the type 36 house.

  1. White House Design 36

1. White House Design 36

Above is a type 36 house that emphasizes white so it is clear to look at. The black widow and door layout are placed right in the middle of the house. The elegant impression radiated in the above design.

Although the house is not big enough, but it does not rule out being given a garden with greenery. The garden makes your house a fresher and cooler pack. Give plants that are not too tall.

  1. Navy Two Floor Design

2. Navy Two Floor Design

Navy design makes your house look colorful. Dark navy color, but if combined with other colors like white and black will look cooler.

Make a house with a two-story design like the picture above so that even though your house is small, there is plenty of space for everyday use.

  1. Esthetic Navy House Design

3. Esthetic Navy House Design

A house with a cool navy color you can add to the park in front of it. In addition to the garden makes your house cool, the park also gives an aesthetic impression on your home.

The design featured in the image above the view when viewed from the front. Seen that the design of a very fitting and attractive home space coupled with a garden that makes your small house feel spacious and cool.

  1. High House One Floor Design

4. High House One Floor Design

The one-story house design is also suitable for use in type 36 houses. To make your house look attractive, make your roof and walls high. Use doors and windows that are not too big. The picture above is an example of a tall house that you can use.

  1. Balance House Design

5. Balance House Design

The balance house design depicts your home in a balanced manner. Starting from the roof, vents, windows, doors, pillars, and the front yard of your home. Type 36 houses with elongated areas can copy the above design because it will make your small house look big and spacious.

You can use the house design as above if you live in the countryside. The design is not too fancy but also not too simple.

  1. Brown Past House Design

6. Brown Past House Design

The design of a house that has a brown color like the old house which is inhabited by many people. Such designs are back again and can be used to design your home.

A house with a design above makes the residents feel nostalgic in times past. The design if you use it in the village is very suitable for the atmosphere and culture that is still a little less modern.

  1. Box House Design

7. Box House Design

Designs that rely on the shape of boxes are now widely used by the public. Designs like the one above are suitable for building houses in houses or simple complexes that do not have a large land area.

  1. Design The Blue House

8. Design The Blue House

If you want a house design that is not so luxurious but looks luxurious, you can use blue as a wall paint combined with neutral white. Details on each building are very neat and nice to look at.

One example of house design type 36 which is often widely used by Indonesian people is the type of house that is not too luxurious as shown above.

  1. Design The Simple Shape

9. Design The Simple Shape

Design with simple details will speed up its development. Building details that are not too complicated can be provided for your small house.

The picture above the house is certainly not comfortable if you live with a large family. Therefore, in addition to homes, type 36 can be used as large storage areas.

  1. Design The Dream Mini House

10. Design The Dream Mini House

The dream home of most people is that although it is small, it can look quite large from the outside and is comfortable to live in. The picture above you can apply if the land for your house long sideways.

The design details for the walls also look very neat and proportionate. 1 door, 4 windows, and 2 vents, and 1 chimney is perfect for a house that extends to the side.

  1. Classic House Design

11. Classic House Design

The classic house is a house that is commonly used by everyone both in the city and in the village. Examples of house design type 36 can be arranged in such a way by adding a garden, adding a terrace, and detailing the side of each building as shown above.

  1. High House Design

12. High House Design

The design details are simple but a little complicated as the picture above is unique to use. Making a tall house with a ladder outside the right door can add space.

Use the side below as a warehouse or storage area. And the main part of a house with a lot of space needed.

  1. Coffee Shop Design

13. Coffee Shop Design

Why don’t you build a house that can be used as a coffee shop? Now many small coffee shops are of interest to the public. The above design is quite classic and unique to use.

Add a slightly bright and bold color to attract the attention of buyers to visit your coffee shop. Guaranteed many visitors who like the design of your home and coffee of course.

  1. Wood Cream House Design

14. Wood Cream House Design

The wood design with cream color is very interesting to see. If you live in the countryside then a house like the one above is suitable to build. Details of the building with a door at the end and several windows that make the house look small, suitable for house type 36.

  1. Classic Town House Design

15. Classic Town House Design

Classic city house designs are found in old western films. A house of type 36 is also suitable to be made with simple details that have a trapezoidal roof, a rectangular house, and a chimney added to it.

Examples of type 36 house designs that are safe to use are as above if you live in an old or rural city because the dark color gives the house a comfortable impression.

  1. Minimalist House White Design

16. Minimalist House White Design

Minimalist design for house type 36 is very possible you use the design as above. Add some intricate details to the back of the house to make it look very attractive from the front.

White paint with doubts of yellow lights and fitting doors and windows add a minimalist aesthetic impression to your home.

  1. Box Yard House Design

17. Box Yard House Design

The design of a box house without a triangular roof makes your house look like a box. Detail of doors and windows that appear to be one makes the house even higher. The garden around the house adds a classic impression to the house and adds coolness and comfort.

  1. Triangle House Design

18. Triangle House Design

The triangular house design in the picture above is very unique with the details of three windows arranged in a balanced manner, two below and one above. The door of the house you can put next to the house on the broadside.

  1. Modern Design 36 House

19. Modern Design 36 House

You can see the modern design for your home type 36 above. By giving the impression of a minimalist white and gray or navy makes the house more attractive. If you look at the house above like only half, because the roof is only half a triangle. Details that make it unique.

  1. Glass House Design 36

20. Glass House Design 36

Examples of type 36 home design with walls filled with glass is one of the uniqueness of your home. Both during the day or at night your house will be exposed from the outside.

Designs like the one above are suitable for you to use as a place of business clothing store or coffee shop. Such a house design will attract people to visit it. Surely your shop will be crowded.

  1. Long House Design 36

21. Long House Design 36

The classic home design that extends to the side is great for your type 36 home design. The house will look long plus the pillars in front make it look sturdy. In addition, in front of the house also still looks very spacious.

  1. Complicated House Design

22. Complicated House Design

The intricate home design looks at the details on the front and side of the house. If you like designs with a variety of styles, the above design is for you. Neutral colors make the home design not too complicated.

  1. Big House Design 36

23. Big House Design 36

Making a big house with size 36 is very possible. Use 4/5 sections for your main house room and 1/5 for the front yard. Design your home with many pillars and windows and make a wide door so that it makes your house look big.

  1. Chill House Design 36

24. Chill House Design 36

A relaxed home design that you can design is a form like a coffee shop or indeed the house you want to be used as a hangout. Make a big yard to put a chair as a place to relax. It must be cool to relax in front of the house in the afternoon.

  1. Big Tree Beside Design

25. Big Tree Beside Design

The house that is next to a big tree should have something neutral to be seen clearly. Examples of house design type 36 above with a striking white color add an elegant impression and beat the color of the tree so that the house is more visible than the tree.

  1. Simple Design Type 36

26. Simple Design Type 36

You can see the simple design of type 36 house in the picture above. By using wood colors and simple details on the walls it seems very simple. It’s just that some of the plants in front of the house make it more complicated but still cool.

  1. Feminine House Design 36

27. Feminine House Design 36

The feminine little house design looks at the color of the house is dark pink and light pink. This house is suitable for your daughter who wants to live independently. The design is quite classic and not too fancy. The details provided give the impression of a feminine but still sweet.

  1. Design Big House Town

28. Design Big House Town

Design houses that are on the outskirts of big cities usually have a large enough land area but not too large. With type 36 houses in the city of your dreams can be designed as much as possible by providing unique details.

Details on the house above favor the design on the roof that is unique and different from each house next to it. Neutral colors but still feels fresh you can use for your home to be different from your neighbor’s house.

  1. Minimalist House Complicated Design

29. Minimalist House Complicated Design

Although designed in a minimalist style, the house above looks complicated with details on the roof that is not aligned, but this makes this house attractive. To give a simple impression the colors used are not too flashy with white paint and yellow light.

  1. Design Type 36 Big High House

30. Design Type 36 Big High House

Example of house design type 36 above looks very large with several windows used on the walls of the house. The layout of the house by using pillars to give the impression of a strong house.

The garden in front of the house which is not very fertile by tall plants is very good with a view of the front of the house.

  1. Minimalist Gray House Designs

31. Minimalist Gray House Designs

The house above uses a minimalist design with a neutral gray color selection. Dark colors that are not too monotonous with details on the walls of a unique house and design details for doors with walls appearing to the front make the house look unique and attractive.

The above design you can use in urban or residential complexes ranging from ordinary to luxurious. The design details above will not be inferior to other modern home designs.

  1. Big Minimalist Triangle House Design

32. Big Minimalist Triangle House Design

Even though it uses a minimalist design, the house above looks like a stately large house. The classic triangular roof that is used plus the unique design on each wall makes this house look very nice.

Besides the house is given a space that can be used for a garage or some other needs when there is a big event or something. Surely many people who want to visit your home.

  1. Big Gray Design 36

33. Big Gray Design 36

Large gray houses with intricate designs above require a lot of careful planning. If the front of the house looks very attractive and elegant. The gray color neutralizes the complexity of the house design above. The roof used also seems ordinary and by the design.

If you use this design in urban or luxurious housing, it is not inferior to other home designs.

  1. Balance Window Design

34. Balance Window Design

Examples of house design type 36 with neatly arranged windows make the house very pleasing to the eye from the front. Although impressed with the classic design, the window in front of the house adds to the aesthetic impression. Also, the stairs in front of the house are well combined with the simple design above.

  1. Design Type 36 Dream House

35. Design Type 36 Dream House

A dream home with pastel and neutral colors makes your house look very luxurious. Design details that emphasize the layout of windows and doors and pillars of the house is very suitable for attracting the view of people who see it.

If you look at the house will seem very big even though the size of the type of house 36. The house that looks like three houses because of the details of the walls and the roof is very unique.

  1. Big Simple House Design 36

36. Big Simple House Design 36

The design of a large house but looks very simple can be found in the picture above. You can use these design details in your home in the village.

Yellow and gray colors that are not so striking add a unique impression to the design above. Also, the addition of small plants beautify the front of the house. You can use curtains in front of the house or you can remove them.

  1. Minimalist Stairs Design

37. Minimalist Stairs Design

The combination of a minimalist design with a staircase in front of the house is very unique with the order of windows and doors also add to the aesthetic impression. The house looks simple but is also quite interesting for people who see it.

The white color neutralizes the house with a navy color that is not so striking. The house will look higher with a ladder and the bottom of the house can be used as a storage area.

  1. Simple Luxury House Design 36

38. Simple Luxury House Design 36

Even though your house is not very spacious, you can still build a luxurious dream home. With the example of the type 36 home design above which highlights the details on the front or terrace that uses several pillars and balconies make it more luxurious.

White color and a combination of roof colors that are not too thick and some short green plants in front of the house make the house more balanced in every detail of the design.

  1. Complicated Cream House Design

39. Complicated Cream House Design

Home design with a cream color is very unique and different from the others. The color of the cream is neutral, it’s just that the design above that makes it a bit complicated is the detail on the front.

Laying large and tall windows and doors in the middle of the house is a balanced order. Some of the stone decorations found at the bottom of the pillars and trellis fence between one and the other are the parts that make it complicated but still very unique.

  1. Winter House Design 36

40. Winter House Design 36

The design of the house above looks like a house in the middle of winter. The design is presented like a house that many residents because it seems very big and warm.

Details on the outside are some windows and doors and pillars add to the beauty of the house. The white color is very suitable combined with the color of the warm yellow lights. Additional plants in front of the house make it more cool and comfortable.

  1. Design of The Warm House 36

41. Design of The Warm House 36

A house with an area of ​​36 allows you to have a warm and comfortable home. The design you can use is a house with colors that are not so bright but also not so dark. Use a light brown or dark yellow color on your wall.

Also, design details on the tiled roof add to the impression of warm and awake. In addition to the house you can use as a place to relax with a small garden and a few places to sit there.

  1. Army House Design Type 36

42. Army House Design Type 36

Design with an army color that is currently favored by many people you can use in your home. This unique and classy color gives a modern impression to your home. You must be happy with a different house with your neighbors?

Use the example of home design type 36 with simple design details so that it does not add excessive impression to your home. The wall used is like a pile of wood that looks like an aesthetic home.

  1. Big Modern House Design

43. Big Modern House Design

The above design is widely used by modern urban people but only has a limited land size of 36 m2. To maximize this you can create unusual and very unique design details.

Starting from the roof which consists of several piles, windows, and vents. The front looks like a house with a cozy terrace with strong canopies and pillars. Also, creating a unique and comfortable garden to relax in will make your home different.

  1. Home Design Type 36 Dream High House Design

Home Design Type 36 Dream High House Design

Modern home design and has a minimalist design is the dream of many people. The detail is unusual because on the roof it uses two shapes, the combination of a triangle and a trapezoid which is very compatible. To further complicate matters, the roof is still provided with a roof.

The door design is very unique because it’s not just a box and there is still a half-circle accent plus glass in the middle. Gray house colors give the impression of luxury and very fitting with the above design.


  1. Simple Sweet House Design

45. Simple Sweet House Design

Sweet design found in the house above can be seen from the details under the roof of the front. Pastel colors mixed with light gray give the impression of luxury. Add a few chairs for a place to relax in front of the house so the house seems open.

  1. ​​Big Past House Design 36

46. Big Past House Design 36

Examples of a large type 36 home design can be seen from the simple and attractive design in every detail. The design on the roof looks like a very simple ancient house. Some pillars that add to the aesthetic impression make a house look big.

  1. Design of Small Green House

47. Design of Small Green House

The design of a house adjacent to large and tall green plants is like the picture above. A house with a small design that is unique but still looks comfortable. Plus the cool atmosphere of the green plants that surround the house.

  1. Design Big Box Gray House

48. Design Big Box Gray House

The house design with gray and some glass for a long window makes your house look big. If you like simple home designs, the above design is perfect for you. In addition to the house, you can still use it as an open place to relax.

  1. Luxury House Design 36

49. Luxury House Design 36

Complicated luxury design you can see in the picture above. The house is unique for you to build in the middle of the city or on the edge of the highway. You can simplify the design without having small details. Enough with the basic design and your house looks very luxurious.

  1. Design The Corner House

50. Design The Corner House

If your house is at the end of an intersection, then the above design is for you. Home design is not too complicated with unique details, namely an elongated house. At the end of the house, you can use it as a place for trees to be placed at the front end of your house.

Very many examples of house design type 36, which one is your favorite? Do you plan to build your dream home in the next few years? Make the house comfortable and that shows your character.

49+ Examples of Home Design Type 36 (pretty minimalist)

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