49+ Examples of Home Design Type 30 (Modern and cool)

Home Design Type 30 – Examples of the type 30 home design are indeed chosen by some people to create a luxurious minimalist home. The right design will provide comfort when inhabited, for that the application of style is the first step in building a house.


The concept for development also consists of two designs namely classic and also modern, with the addition of other styles. So it can be adjusted to your liking.

  1. Modern Design with a City Atmosphere

1. Modern Design with a City Atmosphere

This house has a first-floor floor with a minimalist style but looks more luxurious with a contrasting wall paint. On the upper terrace is made with enough area, and there is a wall of brick material.

  1. Classical Style in the Countryside

2. Classical Style in the Countryside

This building has a very simple appearance with a classic style of makeup that does not look like an old house. The combination of colors that blend with the minimalist style that stands in the countryside.

The terrace part of this house is quite spacious with a lawn, and the floor has the same color as the house paint. Likewise with the backyard of a large house, and wood-patterned walls or square boards.

  1. Minimalist Contemporary Homes

3. Minimalist Contemporary Homes

The contemporary house from the example of the type 30 home design has a separate but combined roof style. The color of this house is predominantly white and has simple glass windows with a modern style.

This house also has a fence that is not too high with a dark color. The side yard of this house can be used as an ornamental garden or for plants such as trees, to get a cool atmosphere.

  1. Minimalist Modern Design

4. Minimalist Modern Design

An example of the design of this house is to appear with a modern style and full of contemporary architectural styles. The color combination of these three colors looks more elegant with soft and inconspicuous colors.

The front design looks smaller and minimalist, with a wooden door design darker than wall paint. The upper part of the house has domino glass windows with a small balcony above the garage that is not too big.

  1. Rustic style with natural nuances

5. Rustic style with natural nuances

The rustic appearance of this house is taken from stone and wood walls which are the main material in making this design. This rustic house looks simpler and looks like a house in the countryside in the past, but is made more modern.

The look of an old wooden door, with the front yard of the house and the atmosphere of a terrace surrounded by green grass. Next to this house also has an ornamental garden that can be overgrown with flowers and so on.

  1. Ancient Industrial Houses

6. Ancient Industrial Houses

This house has type 30 with a classic style and does not have many complicated architectural designs. The color of the walls of this house also looks clean because it is dominant in white, without any other color combination.

Also, the roof of this house is flat and has no arches, with sliding glass windows. The terrace of the house is also on the side and not too big, while the entrance is white and not very wide.

  1. Modern Architectural Design

7. Modern Architectural Design

The design of this house has a patterned wall with gradations of cream and white. Minimalist design that has brightly colored doors, equipped with glass windows in several different sizes.

  1. Classic House of Ancient Design

8. Classic House of Ancient Design

Examples of type 30 home design looks small but extends to the back, with an old classic look. The front yard of this house is not large, with simple floors and walls that have a classic color.

  1. Minimalist Scandinavian Modern Home

9. Minimalist Scandinavian Modern Home

The Scandinavian design requires a lot of adjustments in applying its unique design. The style of this design is identical to the white wall color with light and dark wood architectural style.

The modern design also appears in a more attractive style than other Scandinavians, so it is popular with young families. This design is also suitable for you who are in the tropics, with glass walls on the top floor of this house.

  1. Minimalist Mountain Designs

10. Minimalist Mountain Designs

The atmosphere of this house is suitable for cold mountainous areas, with terraces where bonfires in the front yard of the house. The front wall of this house also uses thick glass material with the aim that sunlight can enter perfectly.

Also, the shape of this house is elongated with a warm atmosphere due to the dark and white color combination of wall paint. The interior style of this house also looks better with a glass wall facing outside the room.

  1. American Minimalist Style

11. American Minimalist Style

If you want to have a house with a simple design it’s good to use this design as a solution for your minimalist home construction. The American style is similar to residential rural areas that have natural beauty.

The wooden walls of this house also give the impression of a neutral and simple style that is not excessive, and there is a natural stone motif on the cheerful poles of the house. The front yard of this house also looks fresh and blends with nature.

  1. Flat Roof Design Italian Design

12. Flat Roof Design Italian Design

This minimalist house with Italian style displays a modern impression with not much architecture. the top can also be used as a balcony for your home with a sizeable area.

the front wall design of this house was built with natural stone material which adds an attractive residential style. This design does not require a large front yard, enough with a green garden with a stone-style house floor.

  1. Classic Box Design

13. Classic Box Design

This house has a classic touch that has an interior design with yellow light from the lights in the house. While the entire color of the walls of this house is plain white, with a flat roof and slightly sloping backward.

There are two parts to the door, namely a small side door, and also a large sliding glass door. The terrace of this house is not large, and is surrounded by a yard filled with greenery.

  1. Simple House Simple Design

14. Simple House Simple Design

This residential design is suitable to be built in rural areas and also big cities, precisely in housing. Examples of the type 30 home design used as a choice as a minimalist home with a simple design and character.

  1. Glass House Design

15. Glass House Design

This house was built on water, with wooden walls or boards that are patterned soft and not rough like other board houses. Occupancy with this design is suitable to be on the beach, or near the lake because it blends with the natural atmosphere.

The shape is a little unique, with glass doors and also a glass wall facing out, so it can provide a unique interior design. On the porch of the house can be used as a relaxing place with dark-colored floorboards.

  1. Ancient European Style

16. Ancient European Style


If usually luxury homes use modern European industrial style and so on, the look of this ancient home design is still attractive. blend the color of the house with the outside yard that blends in and enough contrast to see.

The glass window of this house also looks like an old house in the village, but still has a classic style, with a comfortable minimalist terrace. Complete with an exterior design that does not use a fence.

  1. Mountain Wooden Houses

17. Mountain Wooden Houses

Examples of the type 30 home design has a unique style with the main material used is wooden boards. Almost all of the contents of this house use wood materials ranging from walls, terraces, and also other things that are in this house.

This house is suitable to be applied to the highlands or mountains, with a background view. In addition to wood, this house also uses glass as a design complement to glass-like doors and windows.

  1. Industrial Design

18. Industrial Design

The design of this house looks like an industrial place with a dark brown house color and additional wooden floors for this house. Also, the roof of this house is flat and flat with the side edge that extends parallel to the outside patio.

There is a glass wall, which can be used as a window with a modern design to watch the outside view. To be able to build this house, it doesn’t need too much space, because it’s designed for a minimalist design.

  1. Minimalist Stylish Luxury Homes

19. Minimalist Stylish Luxury Homes

The construction of this house requires the right lighting design, to reduce the impression that is not appropriate. The style is made with an attractive and luxurious impression, but it does not eliminate the minimalist nuances available.

The walls of a square-patterned house with wooden windows wrapped in yarn curtains, for an elegant look. Terrace and garage are made with an area that is not excessive, to adjust to other places, such as parks and so on.

  1. Modern Victorian

20. Modern Victorian

Victoria has a characteristic that is easy to memorize, namely in the middle of the roof looks taper above. Complete with an additional terrace on the house that has enough space, with a white roof.

Besides the appearance of the floor of this house is designed with a natural style of wood and some walls using stone material. Likewise with the side and front pages that use white gravel, to add to its beauty.

  1. Residential combined with Natural Elements

21. Residential combined with Natural Elements

If you look closely, this house has a motif that looks like a simple home-style from an American home. The color of the house tends to be a little dark, with high natural elements, making it look more attractive.

The front of this house is a pillar, with dark gray rectangular striped walls combined with a plank floor. This design adapts to the environment where there are many trees and plants.

  1. Simple Ancient Classic House

22. Simple Ancient Classic House

Examples of the type 30 home design this one has long been developing in the community, but has been inferior to a modern design. The house has a unique look with a classic style that is wrapped in suitable old and young colors.

This style has a design with the number of one pane and looks bigger without a glass divider. This classic house is still in great demand in the township and also the city.

  1. American Classics

23. American Classics

This house is the same as a minimalist design from the American style that is in great demand, precisely in certain areas. The nuances are suitable for tropical regions in the lowlands, and also the cool mountains.

Although it looks classic, but the appearance is not boring, and gives its uniqueness of the walls of the square style, and the pillars with stone material, as well as with a large yard.

  1. Simple and Minimal Architecture

24. Simple and Minimal Architecture

This part of the house has a large yard with a green and cool atmosphere. Side of this house there is a glass door and also a large window at the top near the wooden door on the side.

On the flat roof of this house has a chimney that adds a classic impression like other home styles. The design of this house does not have many styles with excessive style.

  1. Unique Box House

25. Unique Box House

This house is in the form of a box, with a raised striped wall design, so it looks more unique. This house looks simple with one big glass window and one glass door. Not only that, the color of the walls uses a bright blood red color.

  1. Classic Style with Flat Roof

26. Classic Style with Flat Roof

The classic look of this house stands out and doesn’t need much style to apply it. So that this architectural choice appears simple and does not overdo the design. Besides the interior and exterior are designed as comfortable as possible to create a warm atmosphere.

  1. Modern Housing

27. Modern Housing

This design is perfect for those of you who want to build a house in the city with a modern and minimalist style of housing. Some parts of this house highlight the uniqueness that is different from other houses such as the top of the house.

Also, the terrace in this house is not large, as in the upper section, which can be used to relax. Stair design is standard and not too high, included in one of the dream homes for a minimalist type.

  1. Classical Old English Design

28. Classical Old English Design

Minimalist home like this is inspired by the classic design of ancient houses in the United Kingdom. The unique thing about this house is that it uses a wooden plank material in dark blue that matches the color of the roof.

The front yard of this house is filled with rocks and ornamental plants to add to the beauty of the exterior of the house. The unique appearance of the window glass also makes it look different.

  1. Modern Luxury Homes

29. Modern Luxury Homes

Although it has a size that is not too big, this house provides a luxurious design with a contemporary architectural style that is modern. There is frosted glass on the ground floor wall of the house which is joined by a dark board motif.

Display terrace is also a very beautiful top, and surrounded by glass that is luxurious and elegant. Not only that, the look of the entrance and the roof of the house is full of attractive and luxurious styles.

  1. Natural Rustic Design

30. Natural Rustic Design

This type 30 home design example shows the simple style of one of the rustic houses in the village. Even so, the look of this house has a feel that is very close to nature, even though it is on the edge of the road.

This house has walls with wood motifs, as well as a unique and thick glass window design. The shape of the roof that looks like a contemporary design is equipped with a stone pillar, which matches the color of the house.

  1. European style in the park

31. European style in the park

This design style has a slightly old-fashioned and minimal architectural concept, with domino glass that looks classic. The roof of the house, similar to the Victorian style, but has a slight difference that is quite strong from its shape.

This house is filled with ornamental plants that grow in the yard of the house, to provide a natural and cool concept. Also, the color of this house can be adjusted to the circumstances and by the exterior design.

  1. Modern Rustic

32. Modern Rustic

The design of this house provides a little luxury but simple when viewed from the front of the house. Cozy home design atmosphere with elegant colors and striped wall designs that resemble wooden boards.

The terrace of this house is quite small, but suitable to be used as a place to relax a minimalist family, with an exterior atmosphere that looks modern.

  1. Italian Minimalist Design

33. Italian Minimalist Design

This design is suitable for Italian fans, because it is designed an Italian home-style idea but made with a minimalist version. The style is a little classic, giving a bit of uniqueness like the front of this house which has an ancient door.

Italy tends to have a house with a single paint color design and not many architectural styles of buildings. Enough with the striped wall and the yard that was given a sprinkling of gravel

  1. Luxury Boarded Houses

34. Luxury Boarded Houses

This luxury house has a wall style with boards and wood given a dark color, to match the color of the roof of the house. Uniquely, on the roof of this house, there is a room on the top floor, with an attractive interior design.

  1. Minimalist Wooden Houses

35. Minimalist Wooden Houses

Examples of the type 30 home design has an almost overall exterior atmosphere patterned in wood, starting from the walls, and also the roof of the house. The colors in this wood design are lighter than the color of the roof, with a touch of wood that looks natural.

The window of this house also looks like a domino with a standard size and not too small. Because the yard is not large, this house does not have a front porch, but only a small garden.

  1. Stage House Style

36. Stage House Style

This house is almost the same as the design on stilt houses in certain areas, but this style is more modern and attractive. Seen from the small glass design and contrast with the color of the wood walls are a little old.

Also, some home appliances such as chairs, tables, and others are made using wood material, as well as the floor of this house that uses a younger colored board.

  1. Autumn Style

37. Autumn Style

This house is not only suitable for autumnal regions, but also suitable for tropical regions like Indonesia. The outside appearance looks very small and simple, but enough for a house with an attractive type 30.

The stylish appearance of this house is not overdone, with a unique and classic design that is beautiful when exposed to many falling leaves or daylight. But this house does not have a terrace on the front yard of the house and a vehicle garage.

  1. Two-Part Architectural Design

38. Two-Part Architectural Design

This house looks a little unique because its style is like it is divided into two parts of a house with a united hallway. Although it looks luxurious, this house uses a style with wallboards on several parts.

Examples of the type 30 home design of this building has a modern glass design to create the beauty of the building’s exterior and interior. Besides that, the terrace or front yard looks spacious and comfortable.

  1. Rustic with Elegant and Modern Style

39. Rustic with Elegant and Modern Style

Rustic is the name of a house in the countryside, but this type shows an attractive and modern design. This can be seen from the front of the building which looks more elegant and also has a classic concept.

The stairway from this house uses a floor with light-colored stone and ceramic motifs, in accordance with the color of the terrace of this house. The side yard of this house also has a wooden board wall.

  1. Simple Contemporary Look

40. Simple Contemporary Look

The appearance of contemporary not only can be used for luxury homes, but can also be applied to a minimalist design. This can be seen from the roof style of this house that looks more modern and also a little more unique.

This style house has glass doors with large glass windows and a minimalist terrace. The front yard of the house also looks more spacious, without a vehicle garage area.

  1. Local Ancient Classics

41. Local Ancient Classics

This look looks like an old home that has a simple classic design. Cream-colored walls and old colored porch show a design that has been quite old.

  1. Simple Design in Natural Green Color

42. Simple Design in Natural Green Color

Examples of type 30 home designs have green wall paint with rectangular outlines. The window of this house is a simple classic style, with a combination of red and white.

  1. Home Design Type 30 “Unique Floor Wooden Houses 1”

Home Design Type 30 "Unique Floor Wooden Houses 1"

This house has a wooden patterned wall style and also domino glass doors in a unique European home design. Besides that, the front porch is also equipped with a refutation of small wooden poles.

  1. Simple Occupancy of Natural Materials

44. Simple Occupancy of Natural Materials

Examples of the type 30 home design in this residential area utilizing natural materials used for the simple design of a rustic house. The material in the form of large bamboo, wood, and also natural stone as a pole.

  1. Modern Industrial Floor 1

45. Modern Industrial Floor 1

The house is designed with several modern and industrial concepts to get a more comfortable and elegant appearance. The front of this house looks like sideways, because of the roof and architectural side design.

  1. ​​Contemporary Cheerful Shades

46. Contemporary Cheerful Shades

This contemporary uses light colors to make it look more alive and unlike the colors in general that are identical to black and white. Also, the design is no different from other contemporary concepts.

  1. Minimalist Tropical Houses

47. Minimalist Tropical Houses

In this design, it looks more unique, with two sides of the entrance made of glass-based material. In the concept of the roof and walls that appear with modern colors and styles.

  1. Wooden Box Houses

48. Wooden Box Houses

This house is in the form of a box and a simple design that is generally built in the mountains. There is a modern flat roof concept and a mini terrace.

  1. Simple Glass Roof Houses

49. Simple Glass Roof Houses

In this house in the mountains with a glass concept roof in the middle for the purpose so that sunlight can enter. The atmosphere is environmentally friendly and close to nature adds simplicity.

  1. The Classic Concept of Rustic White

50. The Classic Concept of Rustic White

This is because the design is not excessive and gives a cool feel and can adjust to the environment. Some of these houses use stone walls, with wood and also the shape of a simple American-style roof.

Of the several examples of type 30 home design that have been described is an option that can be used as a special reference for your home. Each type has a different concept with an interesting and unique style.

49+ Examples of Home Design Type 30 (Modern and cool)

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