51+ Examples of Spacious Kitchen Designs (Complete with pictures)

Examples of Spacious Kitchen Design – Just like any other room, the kitchen is also the heart of the house which is used as a place to cook and process food & drinks. In fact, not only that, at this time many people are applying modern concepts into the design of their kitchens so that making the kitchen is also often used as a place to do various activities.

That’s why it can be said if the kitchen has an important role in the house, the existence of the kitchen can make it easier for you to carry out activities including cooking. But unfortunately there are still many homeowners who ignore the kitchen design that makes the kitchen look messy instead. If you are looking for examples of kitchen designs that are spacious, modern and also beautiful, maybe the ideas or inspiration for kitchen design below can be your reference

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Things To Look For In Designing The Kitchen

Before discussing further about examples of beautiful and modern kitchen designs, homeowners need to understand about things that must be considered when designing a kitchen. There are no specific standards in designing the kitchen. But at least the things below are important to consider in designing a home kitchen.

1. Pay attention to the functional kitchen

Pay attention to the functional kitchen

Who does not want to have a kitchen that has a beautiful appearance and high aesthetics? but even so it does not mean if you ignore the function of the kitchen. A kitchen must-have complete cooking utensils plus a variety of furniture such as cabinets, shelves, and cabinets that are used to store kitchen utensils.

It is also important to place food ingredients and seasonings in your kitchen. Of course this can later make it easier in your daily cooking activities

2. Kitchen Furniture Layout

Kitchen Furniture Layout

When you want to design a beautiful kitchen that is also comfortable to use for cooking activities, it is important to pay attention to the arrangement of kitchen furniture. The layout becomes the main point that is quite important if you want to design a comfortable and good kitchen.

Starting from the refrigerator to glassware such as plates, cups, and storage cabinets for example. It can be placed in a row to look more presentable. While the stove will be better if placed in the middle of the wall and away from the refrigerator. If you want to use a closet, place it parallel to the same wall so it doesn’t take up space.

3. Choose the Right Color Blend

Choose the Right Color Blend

Color becomes one of the elements that is quite essential in creating an example of a spacious, minimalist, and modern kitchen design as you wish. You can place any color choice as long as it is right and following the existing furniture in the kitchen.

You can put bright colors, bold colors, or have neutral colors that match the furniture that is used so that the more aesthetic life of your home kitchen.

Just a tip, if you have a minimalist kitchen space and limited land, you should use a combination of colors – bright paint colors. Such as white which can create optical illusions that can make the room more spacious and eight. Mix and match the wall color to contrast with the color of the furniture.

If you do not want to use paint to line the kitchen walls, you can also use patterned wallpaper for an alternative wall. But remember not to use it near the stove or the sink. Could be, your kitchen wall wallpaper will be damaged.

4. Maximum Space Lighting

Maximum Space Lighting

However the kitchen can not be separated from cooking activities, and cooking activities tend to cause the room to become dirty. And that’s why lighting in the kitchen room is also an important aspect that needs attention.

Even though you are using lights as kitchen lighting. But it would be better if you provide sunlight into the home kitchen.

A kitchen with proper and good lighting will give a clean and comfortable impression. The impression of a kitchen like this will certainly make cooking activities comfortable and you also like to do long activities even in the kitchen.

5. Air vents

Air vents

Not only kitchen lighting that must be considered, but air circulation is also important in designing your home kitchen. You can install a slightly wide window on the wall of the kitchen overlooking the outside of the house.

So that at any time you are cooking, the window can be opened and then become a path for air circulation. Remember, the characteristics of a healthy home is when the air circulation at home is also healthy as well as in the home kitchen

The air in the kitchen must always be fresh, fresh air will certainly help keep eating and cooking utensils hygienic. And also helps the kitchen humidity to be maintained properly.

6. Maximize Space Space

Another important aspect of designing a kitchen is to use space with premises n as much as possible. Do not leave any space that is not used in your home kitchen. This trick is very important for a minimalist concept kitchen

But even so pay attention not to let your kitchen lack the space to move and move. So that even makes activities in the kitchen less comfortable

7. Pay attention to the Kitchen Wet Area

Pay attention to the Kitchen Wet Area

Kitchen sets that are placed with wet areas or sinks will be very susceptible to damage. The air coming from the flow of the faucet can form dots of water which causes the kitchen to be closed and damaged. In the future, of course, the kitchen set can be damaged just like that.

But you can prevent this from happening in your home kitchen, one of them by making air circulation on one side of the kitchen. so that the area that is in the kitchen set will not be easily moist.

8. Put the Cabinet Touching the Sky

Put the Cabinet Touching the Sky

Cabinets become an important enough element in the home kitchen, especially if you want to apply a minimalist concept. The cabinet can be the main storage rack that can organize equipment in the kitchen neatly.

The bigger the cabinet, of course the storage space you have also the greater. But this is certainly limited if the kitchen area is not too broad, because that wall cabinet can be the solution.

But not only for the minimalist concept kitchen, but a spacious home kitchen also needs a cabinet for storage of cooking and eating utensils. And to avoid dirty rooms and unhygienic cabinets due to dust and dirt, use a vertical room.

The trick is to place the kitchen cabinet until it reaches the ceiling. Use all the space in the kitchen wall is also no problem for the minimalist concept kitchen.

9. Give Room Decoration

Give Room Decoration

Nothing wrong to give decoration to your home kitchen. although the kitchen is identical as an easily dirty place, but that does not mean if the kitchen is not suitable for decoration. To make the kitchen look even more alive, add decorations to decorate your kitchen.

Many decorating ideas can be placed in the kitchen. Like a vase filled with flowers, beautiful glass collection, a collection of unique jars that have ethnic motifs, to hang paintings and posters. Just adjust it to the concept of the kitchen you have.

10. Choose Solid Materials

Choose Solid Materials

The kitchen also needs to be cared for so that it is maintained and well organized so that it is beautiful in the landscape. And to facilitate maintenance and cleaning, it would be better if you choose solid surface material to be applied to tablets and marble that can be applied in walls.

11. Backsplash


The wall on the kitchen table must also be well designed, not only in appearance but also in the selection of materials. Choose materials that are easy to clean and are resistant to water such as the use of stainless steel or ceramics.

12. Kitchen Aesthetics

Kitchen Aesthetics

Just like other rooms, the kitchen must also have aesthetic value. Don’t just think of the kitchen as a dirty and messy place. With a variety of interior designs and high artistic value, make it look beautiful and make the interior feel complete. You can add to the aesthetics of the kitchen by adding cooking or eating utensils that have bright colors or using kitchen decoration trinkets.

13. Keep the Kitchen Clean

Keep the Kitchen Clean

Whatever design you want to use, keep in mind to maintain neatness in your home kitchen. Place tableware and cooking utensils neatly in the storage cabinet. So that cooking activities are also more free and comfortable to do.

Beautiful and Modern Kitchen Design Inspiration

1. Examples of Spacious Kitchen Designs: Simple Minimalist Kitchen Design

Examples of Spacious Kitchen Designs: Simple Minimalist Kitchen Design

Not only the kitchen with limited land, even you who have a spacious kitchen can use a minimalist concept. Usually homeowners who like simple and simple things often apply this concept in minimalist simple kitchens.

It can be seen if the kitchen design is very neat and clean so it makes you feel at home cooking. In addition to the furniture in the kitchen is also not much, only what is needed. Sheingga kitchen is more presentable and spacious.

2. Examples of Spacious Kitchen Designs: Modern Minimalist Kitchen

Examples of Spacious Kitchen Designs: Modern Minimalist Kitchen

Examples of this spacious kitchen design does look simple like the previous design. But it can be seen if the owner provides an elegant modern concept into the kitchen. Coupled with a variety of technologies used to make the kitchen function more optimally.

3. Examples of Spacious Kitchen Designs: Modern Minimalist Kitchen Open Concept Kitchen

Examples of Spacious Kitchen Designs: Modern Minimalist Kitchen Open Concept Kitchen

The kitchen is also a room in the house that you can apply an open concept like this. This concept is designed to be able to see the views around the house, so that the nuances of the kitchen look natural and natural.

You can build a kitchen in the back of the house which will certainly offer a different atmosphere compared to other kitchen concepts. This is also great for you has a garden behind the house.

4. Luxury Kitchen Design

Luxury Kitchen Design

Want to create a luxurious and elegant kitchen design, you can use a combination of marble and concrete table as above. Added again by giving levels to the legs that make the kitchen look more luxurious

The use of a black cabinet coupled with wood elements is an attraction, which makes the kitchen look a little contrasting. This design is suitable to be applied to make a “clean kitchen”

5. Kitchen and Family Room Design

Kitchen and Family Room Design

Kitchen and family room in one area? Of course it will be another best idea in designing the kitchen. Especially if your room is not so big. But this is also suitable if you want a warmer home atmosphere.

From the arrangement, it can be utilized in the area that leads into the place of washing or cooking. To make it warmer, add a chandelier like the picture above. Especially with a large window on one side will increasingly make your kitchen feel spacious and comfortable.

6. Kitchen Design Combined Dining Room

Kitchen Design Combined Dining Room

It seems this design is often used by homeowners to save space, by combining the kitchen and dining table. Especially with the use of white and other contrasting colors like this make the impression of minimalism stronger.

Placement of the system of entry and exit at the dining table is very important for this one design so that it further increases the mobility of the kitchen design. Do not forget to add decorations such as chandeliers to further make the appearance of the kitchen and dining room look beautiful.

7. Kitchen Design Letter L

Kitchen Design Letter L

If you want to make the kitchen look spacious then try to use the letter L design in your home kitchen design. You can create it with storage space and you will never run out of space. The shape of the kitchen cabinet like the picture above, will make ample space in the kitchen. You also can move more freely in your home kitchen.

8. Rustic Kitchen Design

Rustic Kitchen Design

You can also design a rustic or country style kitchen like the picture above. With closed concrete and stove walls that use patterned ceramics, plus wood elements that make the country atmosphere thicker without reducing the function as a kitchen.

9. Minimalist U-Shape Kitchen Design

Minimalist U-Shape Kitchen Design

By using a U-shaped kitchen cabinet design like the picture above, surely you will be free to move even to the middle of the kitchen. The process of cooking to preparing food is also much more comfortable. Similarly, when you want to take cutlery such as glasses or plates.

10. Multifunctional Minimalist Kitchen

Multifunctional Minimalist Kitchen

Not only as a kitchen, but you can also make it as a lounge even to receive guests. Multifunctional kitchen design is very suitable to be applied if you have a large area as a kitchen. All you need is the addition of a cabinet to store kitchen utensils and some decorations to make it look beautiful.

11. Uniting the Kitchen, Dining Room, and Living Room

Uniting the Kitchen, Dining Room, and Living Room

No problem combining the three rooms into one like the picture above. The most important thing is how to arrange the components of each room neatly. Because this room is often used with family, it is not difficult to combine the three.

This room layout will display a casual atmosphere in the house. not only a broad impression, but family interaction in the home also feels freer.

12. Modern Kitchen Integrates with Nature

Modern Kitchen Integrates with Nature

Although you carry the concept of a modern kitchen, it does not mean you can not combine it with natural elements as in the example of a large kitchen design above. You can place the kitchen side by side with the back garden so you can get natural lighting.

Coupled with plain stone walls make a beautiful blend with modern kitchen equipment. This will give a different impression on your home kitchen.

13. Two-Tone Kitchen

Two-Tone Kitchen

The use of two colors in the kitchen? Who says you can’t. The combination of gray and blue like the picture above will be very suitable for examples of extensive kitchen designs. This minimalist concept not only uses colors on the kitchen walls but also plays colors on furniture.

The combination of nay-blue and gray or white can give a minimalist and practical impression. Coupled with the placement of a dining table that is used as a room to make a modern impression will be increasingly felt.

14. Futuristic Equipped with Digital Technology

Futuristic Equipped with Digital Technology

The development of technology today is no wonder it also makes its development in kitchen design. Many homeowners equip their kitchens with various digital home assistants as well as high-tech furniture simplify cooking activities

15. Scandinavian Kitchen Design

Scandinavian Kitchen Design

Scandinavian style is also very suitable to be applied in the home kitchen. Not only uses the cabinet as a dining area, but this design also optimizes turn the cabinet into a storage medium.

Plus the use of the chandelier makes a modern impression and the funnel-shaped chandelier that increasingly presents the impression of warmth. The combination of white, black tone, and wood elements makes the kitchen look more beautiful.

16. Single Line Kitchen Design

Single Line Kitchen Design

This single line kitchen has a straight-line shape. Where in the kitchen area both clean and dirty kitchen used as one area. Although it feels less comfortable, but this will be very suitable for a limited kitchen area. To still feel comfortable even though combined, therefore keep the cleanliness and neatness of the kitchen.

17. Double Line Kitchen Design

Double Line Kitchen Design

This kitchen has a design consisting of 2 straight lines, namely dirty and clean kitchen placed side by side. This kitchen land has a form of displaying which is very suitable to be applied in a large kitchen design example.

18. Kitchen Island Design

Kitchen Island Design

Another example of this extensive kitchen design is applying the island kitchen design. Its distinctive feature is the presence of a table in the middle of the kitchen, which can be used for work areas or places to serve food. The addition of a minibar makes the kitchen look more minimalist.

19. Minimalist Kitchen with Natural Stone and White Kitchen Set

Minimalist Kitchen with Natural Stone and White Kitchen Set

It is not only the use of bright colors that makes the kitchen more spacious. But applying spotless or other color material to the back of the kitchen also makes the kitchen look more attractive. Combined with contrasting natural stone increasingly makes minimalist kitchen without reducing the dominance of the white color.

20. Minimalist Kitchen Natural Touch

Minimalist Kitchen Natural Touch

Not just combining with natural stone, you can give the natural impression of your home kitchen with wood texture finish. No problem applying wood elements in a minimalist kitchen as long as the pattern used is not too crowded or not heavy which makes the room look crowded. Add green plant decorations to make the kitchen more beautiful.

21. Kitchen with Natural Lighting

Kitchen with Natural Lighting

Maximize natural lighting using large windows. This will make the kitchen feel more spacious and comfortable. But if the position or placement of the window in the kitchen is not possible, then you can use the skylight in the upper part of the kitchen.

In addition to natural lighting, complete with lights as artificial lighting. It can be placed on the wall, kitchen set, and others so that more leverage.

22. Integrated Kitchen Design

Integrated Kitchen Design

Examples of spacious kitchen designs this time put forward an integrated design, for example with the use of sleek lamps, induction cookers, and gas hob hobs that are slim in design. Increasingly adds to the functionalist and minimalist impression by using a semi-open cabinet for the placement of other equipment such as ovens and microwaves.

23. Minimalist Kitchen Elements Wood

Minimalist Kitchen Elements Wood

The use of wood elements in the home kitchen does give the impression of a room that looks spacious and neat. Not only in the kitchen cabinet, but the white and white ceramic sink can be combined with wood elements.

24. Elegant Classic Kitchen Design

Elegant Classic Kitchen Design

For those of you lovers of classic styles, can apply a classic design into your home kitchen. The more luxurious the placement of room lights that increasingly add elegance. The use of white wood cabinets is also a point in structuring a classic design kitchen. Coupled with a round dining table that is increasingly becoming a complement.

25. European Classic Luxury Design

European Classic Luxury Design

Want to display the impression of luxury and classic European style. Maybe this one design is suitable for you to apply. The use of luxury chandeliers plus a white cabinet with a combination of gold makes the elegant and luxurious look increasingly felt. Moreover, the placement that is close to the yard like this increasingly makes the impression of a spacious and clean kitchen.

26. Neoclassical Kitchen Design

Neoclassical Kitchen Design

Neoclassical-style kitchen designs like this offer the perfect functionality and appeal of a room by combining modern, contemporary, and minimalist into a classic style. Luxurious furniture that has a perfect finishing, but is a bit finalized for its use.

27. Modern Classic Kitchen Design

Modern Classic Kitchen Design

Although using a modern concept, but still looks a classic touch with the use of a beautiful chandelier. The use of elegant color combinations such as white and gray makes it look more luxurious without removing the elements of classic style.

28. Industrial Style Kitchen Design

Industrial Style Kitchen Design

The concept of industrial-style kitchen like this is often applied to cafes or restaurants, but not infrequently many homeowners who apply in the home kitchen. The important point here is the use of exposed brick walls combined with steel material which makes it look classy.

29. Ala Café Kitchen and Restaurant Design

Ala Café Kitchen and Restaurant Design

Want to implement kitchens like restaurants? Maybe this concept is very suitable for you to use. Open kitchen design with separate dirty and clean kitchen sections. There is a cabinet or shelf on the side that can be used as a shelter nan as well as decoration. The use of beautiful minimalist chandelier adds to the charming appearance of the kitchen.

30. Kitchen and Relax Room

Kitchen and Relax Room

It is not difficult to create a kitchen design that is combined with a relaxing room like the following reading room. The most important thing is how to place the room separator which makes the kitchen and the lounge room uninterrupted. This design is perfect for those of you who live in apartments with a fairly limited area.

31. Kitchen Design with a Pastel Touch

Kitchen Design with a Pastel Touch

Want to make the atmosphere of the kitchen feel warm and soft, use pastel colors like the example of a broad kitchen design as below. The use of pastel colors can not only be placed on the walls of the room but also kitchen furniture. The combination of wood elements in the kitchen will also make a more minimalist and beautiful impression.

32. Gray Minimalist Kitchen Design

Gray Minimalist Kitchen Design

Not only white, but gray you can also apply if you want a minimalist and elegant kitchen concept. No need a lot of furniture and decoration like the picture above makes the kitchen look more neat and clean.

33. Monochrome Kitchen Design

Monochrome Kitchen Design

The combination of white and black is also very suitable for you fans of monochrome. Both placed on furniture and walls of the room, to create an elegant impression will be stronger.

34. Bar Concept Kitchen Design

Bar Concept Kitchen Design

You can combine the dining room and kitchen by using the bar concept as above. Simple but still attractive to look at. Especially with a choice of neutral colors that will increasingly make the kitchen look minimalist and sweet.

35. Unique Concept Kitchen Design

Unique Concept Kitchen Design

Nothing wrong with creating ideas that you have to create a kitchen with a unique and interesting concept. The use of kitchen tables with unique shapes and lighting lamps that are on point will increasingly make your kitchen different.

36. Hidden Kitchen Design

Hidden Kitchen Design

Not infrequently many homeowners who design the kitchen together with other rooms, such as the dining room or family room. But if you feel uncomfortable to unite the kitchen with another room but limited by narrow land, then just use the concept of a hidden kitchen like this.

37. Small Family Minimalist Kitchen

Small Family Minimalist Kitchen

No need to use a large dining table, if you only have a few family members who live in the house. Then a minimalist style like this is suitable to apply. Simple and minimalist, using only 2 chairs and a dining table in the kitchen.

38. Modern Minimalist Kitchen with Modular Cabinets

Modern Minimalist Kitchen with Modular Cabinets

You can have a modern minimalist concept kitchen equipped with modular cabinets. The advantage of this type of modular cabinet is that users can easily assemble and install it themselves. But remember to adjust the size of your home kitchen.

How can inspiration and examples of a broad kitchen design above you can try to apply in your home? or you can create your idea to create a home kitchen in accordance with your style.

Examples of Spacious Kitchen Designs (Complete with pictures)

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