45+ Examples of Small Bedroom Designs (Complete with pictures and descriptions)

Examples of Small Bedroom Designs – Living in a large, densely populated city would certainly be very difficult to find large tracts of land. Moreover, land prices will be very expensive. Therefore, living in a small house is not a problem. Countless home design solutions can be built in small homes, including examples of small bedroom designs.

Small rooms can feel spacious if they have the appropriate arrangement. Here are some examples of small bedroom designs that you can refer to.

  1. Homey Honey Room

1. Homey Honey Room

Homey Honey Room is one example of a design that can be applied in your small bedroom. In principle, this room arrangement does not always have to use a king bed. It’s just that you have to be observant to mix and match between one component with other components.

One of the important things in preparing the interior of this homey honey room is the combination of colors. You can use any type of bed and other compositions with no theme.

The point of setting this Homey Honey Room small bedroom design example is that you make sure that the color you use is worth it. You can repaint your furniture with monochrome colors combined with gray and brown wall hanging ornaments.

  1. Nature Rustic

2. Nature Rustic

The Rustic theme is synonymous with furniture themed in wood with a light brown color with a minimalist design. This theme is a theme that is very popular with the community, especially for millennials.

According to millennials who choose rustic designs, feel that this design is very suitable to support productivity while remaining comfortable. Not enough just with the typical wood, you can choose indoor plants to support rustic nature as the theme of your bedroom.

  1. Modern

3. Modern

The modern theme is one example of a small bedroom design that is suitable for today. Complemented with checkered ornaments on the walls add the impression of elegance jacked up with soft white and white color choices.

A simple bed with minimalist lights makes the bedroom look more pleasant. The choice of light gray wall colors also adds to the elegant impression of the present in your bedroom. Do not forget, to give color, provide carpets with modern motifs so that the room looks more energetic.

  1. Wooden Comfy

4. Wooden Comfy

Want to have an ordinary room that has a different impression? You can choose this Wooden Comfy style as your choice. You do not need to add anything especially that requires you to choose expensive furniture.

The small-sized room fits the comfortable wooden style. Choose a bed that has a comfortable and soft impression, combined with furniture from small wooden drawers with natural wood motifs to store your things.

Do not forget to increase the freshness of the room, include indoor plants such as succulents in your comfortable bedroom.

  1.  Examples of Small Bedroom Designs “Minimalist”

 Examples of Small Bedroom Designs "Minimalist"

Minimalist design is sure to be one type of room design that comes to mind when you realize that your bedroom is small. Utilizing a variety of angles to be utilized but not to look cramped and chaotic is the principle of this minimalist style.

Color selection for a minimalist style is also one of the important things to note. If a small room with a lot of storage space needs you to give a striking color especially colorful colors you will be faced with a room atmosphere that feels cramped.

Therefore, choose the color of the walls and various types of furniture with bright colors and only in 1 color. To get rid of boredom, you can choose a matching bed color, but different colors every month.

  1. Chic Minimalist

6. Chic Minimalist

Using minimalist and simple designed furniture is a hallmark of this room’s design. Not only that, minimalism alone is not enough to make the room feel comfortable because it requires a more cheerful atmosphere.

Therefore added wall decoration with a suitable contrast color is mandatory for this type of room. The addition of bright and cheerful colors in white and bright rooms is a good choice because it will make the room not seem monotonous.

  1. Simple Homey

7. Simple Homey

Creating a simple homey room design does not need to spend furniture or new beds for combination. You just need a color combination that matches the theme you want. This you can deal with by repainting the furniture that you have so that the color harmony.

Do not forget, add a motif carpet that is quite crowded to make your room not seem ordinary. Color selection is the main when designing this type of room.

  1. Golden Lux

8. Golden Lux

When you hear the golden lux room design maybe you will imagine a luxury room with expensive costs. But apparently it can be tricked with your creativity. The choice of colors and motifs for each piece of furniture is the main key.

If you want a luxurious design room but a low cost, you can rearrange the furniture you have which is then given a new color. You can choose luxurious colors for furniture such as gold, and choose a deep orange color on the walls combined with golden-white colors. Also, choose sheets with large motifs so that it looks more elegant.

  1. Modern Rustic

Modern Rustic

Talking about rustic themed room designs is certainly familiar to your ears. But what about modern rustic that looks simple but has the impression of luxury in every corner? Well, modern rustic still uses furniture with the impression of young wood combined with other colors.

The wooden motif floor accompanied by a typical wooden lampshade is a neat blend. Equipped with a luxurious floral carpet and a black and white background on the wall is the right choice to create an impression of luxury in simplicity.

  1. Clean Homey

10. Clean Homey

Feeling comfortable while sleeping is an important key to making room designs. Despite the small size of the room, this can still be tricked into having a broad impression. You can choose a combination of all-white with very elegant wood motif furniture.

Not only the color of the walls are white, but you can also choose the color of bed linen and white bed covers to make it look clean and comfortable. Especially if you can add a window in your room so that there is light coming in which makes the room healthier and fresher.

  1. Dreamy Pandora

11. Dreamy Pandora

Dreamy Pandora is an example of a small bedroom design that you can create to your heart’s content. You can put as many objects as you want with a matching arrangement. The choice of white for walls will be very suitable for this type of design.

Add various decorations in your room with various decorations such as dream catchers or paintings that illustrate your dreams. This will make you more energized in the morning to achieve your dreams.

  1. Sweety Honey

Sweety Honey

Examples of sweety honey washroom designs are usually preferred by teenage girls to adults who have a fun but elegant taste. Again, it involves neutral and elegant colors, white as the base color, which can make the room more easily combined with furniture and other colors.

Not only that, white will give a broader and more elegant nuance. To make the impression of honey, you can choose a color bedcover set that has a color like honey. This will foster a warm and sweet impression in your room.

  1. Modern Royale

13. Modern Royale

Although small in size, the modern royal design can still be applied in the space of your room. This is because modern royal has a minimalist furniture but still uses a variety of ornaments that add to the impression of luxury in the room.

To anticipate that the room does not look cramped, the thing to be sure of is the wall color is white. For the door should use the type of design that has the impression of Europe in the room.

  1. Urban Comfy

14. Urban Comfy

This Urban Cozy design example is very suitable for today’s millennials. This is because this design will tend to have spaces and corners that can be used to place various objects that are usually used daily but still neatly arranged.

To add to the excitement, this cozy urban room is perfect when adding a wall decoration containing typography in the form of encouraging quotes.

  1. Nature Glow

15. Nature Glow

When viewed at a glance, this example of a Nature Glow small bedroom design looks cool, cool even like it’s not in the bedroom. But this concept was intentional to bring a fresh impression in the bedroom.

This bedroom model is very suitable to be applied in areas that tend to be hot so that when entering the bedroom you will not feel hot anymore. Moreover, the walls using marble that will make the room cooler.

  1. Simple Elegance

16. Simple Elegance

Having a room with a simple and elegant design is almost a favorite for anyone. Because to have a room like this does not need a lot of furniture and does not need a lot of renovation. You only need furniture that has a simple and minimalist design and an appropriate arrangement so this design will be very comfortable.

This combination is certainly not enough if the floor is plain. You can add rugs with elegant motifs that have a slightly dark color and contrast with the walls. This will make the room seem more lively.

  1. Urban Homey

17. Urban Homey

An example of this urban homey small bedroom design might require a room that is a little more spacious than the other small ones. This is because you need space as well as your place to work.

One side for the bed and one side for the table where you are productive. In between the two are placed closet shelves that can be used to put various types of objects such as aquarium flower vases, and books supporting your productivity.

  1. Elegance Ville

18. Elegance Ville


A pleasant room like Grandma’s house will probably make you sleep more comfortably. Therefore you can design your bedroom like at grandma’s house while still having a contemporary and elegant design.

Choose the types of furniture and various interior needs that have a more classic impression. Also you can add various wall hangings such as photos and paintings to make the room more pleasant.

  1. Multi Minimalist

19. Multi Minimalist

The minimalist multi-design that is presented in the room is a minimalist design but has a lot of spaces that can be used for many different needs. Equipped with cupboards with many slots that make it more flexible and neat to put various types of objects.

This design is perfect for those of you who have lots of stuff but the room space tends to be small. Storage becomes neater and makes it easier for you to find things. The combination of white dark gray and wide windows make your room seem spacious.

  1. Urban Sweety

20. Urban Sweety

Rooms with urban sweety designs are usually the most desirable by women. This is because rooms like this are designed for women who have high busyness, are fashionable, and need quality rest.

Urban sweety rooms can be equipped with shelves to place various women’s collections which are certainly easy to reach. The room is designed with a light brown wall combined with white color which will make it more elegant.

  1. Minimalism

21. Minimalism


It does not require a lot of furniture in the room, this room design is perfect for millennials who have the size of a small room and likes a minimalist design. Because there isn’t too much space, cupboards are placed near the wall.

In addition, the selected sleep lamp can be a bedroom that can be affixed to the wall so that it does not need a small table that requires more space. To make the room feel spacious, choose white on the wall and some other room equipment.

  1. Modern Classic

22. Modern Classic

Modern classic room design is one type of design that attracts attention. You can choose furniture that has a modern design but combined with ornaments and classic beds.

In designing a room with this design, you should think about the color selection. Choose bright colors and pastels. The combination of chocolate and white can be the right choice to make the room feel more comfortable.

  1. Bohemian

23. Bohemian

Bohemian small bedroom design is an interesting one to be applied in your room. You can decorate various angles with your favorite typography by choosing fonts that fit the theme.

Not only that, the selection of classic room equipment can complement the theme of this room. It might seem crowded, but this design is no less unique and fun.

  1. Royale Princess

24. Royale Princess

Royal Princess design is a minimalist room design that is actually just equipped with room fixtures that have a quite luxurious design. However, because it is placed in a small room, the choice of white remains a priority.

Not only the gold color, the white color even if nicely combined also makes the room feel more luxurious. You can choose light gray curtains and blankets with classic elegant motifs with beige color.

  1. Modern Urban

25. Modern Urban

Modern urban room design is a design suitable for productive career workers. The choice of bright colors combined with other commensurate colors such as gray and beige will make this room not only comfortable to sleep but to carry out other activities such as continuing work that may not have been completed.

Equipped with a multipurpose table that you can use for your busy schedule, this design is perfect for anyone who has high productivity. Equipped with a small sofa for you to relax when tired after doing various activities.

  1. Royale Casual

26. Royale Casual

Having a room with a luxurious design but still elegant and simple is usually covered by someone. Even in a small room, the right arrangement can make you have a pleasant and luxurious room at the same time.

Make your window large so that it is more flexible and spacious. Also, choose embossed ornaments with elegant motifs. This will add a luxurious feel to every corner of your room.

  1. Italian Comfy

27. Italian Comfy

A cozy Italian room design will make your room look elegant but has a classic impression. The selection of room equipment such as carpet and proper bed will make this room more enjoyable to rest.

The combination of white and brown colors will make this room feel more relieved. Besides furniture made of metal-colored black will add a classic impression.

  1. Modern Indian

28. Modern Indian

Designing a room with an example of a modern Indian type small bedroom design is perfect for those of you who like the bright impression in the room. Especially if you want to be always excited in the bedroom, you can choose this room design.

Modern Indian room design is in essence a fitting color combination. Use bright colors like peach colors that will make your room feel more striking. So that it is not too flashy, mix the color with white in various other equipment such as bed covers and curtains.

  1. Sweety Comfy

29. Sweety Comfy

Sweety comfy room design might be a dream room design for teenage girls to millennial women. The choice of pink and white makes this room feel sweeter and softer.

Not only lies in the selection of colors, furniture selection is also very influential. So that it is not monotonous, you can combine it with a minimalist wooden drawer and various wall hangings that will beautify your room.

  1. Simple Comfy

30. Simple Comfy

Simple comfy room design is the right design for a small room size. Because of the limited space, you can add shelves to put favorite objects such as books or decoration by affixing it to the wall.

This is to anticipate the lack of space to be able to put a special cupboard for your favorite items. In order not to be boring with white walls, choose shelves with wooden motifs that have a dark brown to blackish color.

  1. Simple Monochrome

31. Simple Monochrome

This simple monochrome room is almost similar to the Balinese culture that combines black and white with the same color portion. Equipped with a large motif carpet adds to the impression of elegance coupled with a bed that has a classic impression.

  1. Wooden Classic

32. Wooden Classic

Wooden classic room design will be very suitable for those of you who want a classic impression combined with the freshness of wood motifs. Do not forget to be equipped with decorative lights that have a classic design that can also beautify your tiny bedroom.

  1. Minimalistic Nature

33. Minimalistic Nature

An example of a Nature Minimalist small bedroom design in principle is arranging room fixtures appropriately. Bring the bed close to the window to add to the spacious impression, accompanied by practical wall hangings and wall shelves. Do not forget to give indoor plants to add a natural impression.

  1. Queen

34. Queen

The room with Queen design is perfect for those of you who like the impression of high class but still simple in your small room. You can choose the classic patterned wall wallpaper combined with wooden motif floors.

Then, choose a minimalist wardrobe, minimalist drawers, and a minimalist sleep lamp too. Don’t forget to give a window to your room that makes the room more pleasant

  1. Elegant Square

35. Elegant Square

Elegant Square room design is perfect for those of you who like the impression of being crowded but not cramped. Give enough lighting to the room with this design to make it even more fun. Do not forget to provide wall hangings and jars containing dried plants to make the room more elegant.

  1. Modern Strip

36. Modern Strip

Using white color combined with wooden stripes makes this modern strip design can make your small bedroom pleasant. Even though the walls are patterned, you can compensate with white on the doors, windows and other furniture.

  1. White Natural

37. White Natural

It does not need a lot of room equipment, white natural room types can be your choice for a small room. Combine the color of white walls with light brown and beige colors to make it look more homey.

Do not forget to add abstract paintings with a sea theme that will add to the freshness of your room. Also provide a mushroom-like sleep lamp that makes your room look more pleasant and natural.

  1. Sweety Home

38. Sweety Home

An example of a sweety home small bedroom design is perfect for those of you who like the atmosphere like gathering with family. The combination of patterned ornaments like white bricks, with other furniture that is also white will make this room easier to design.

To make your room sweeter, choose the color of honey for some small items such as air humidity, covers, and several other objects. To reinforce the impression in the room, use a floor with wooden motifs that make the room more harmonious.

  1. Golden Casual

39. Golden Casual

At first glance, the Casual golden color is very pleasant and almost similar to the design of a room in Japan. To anticipate this room, you can just use a lot of wood motifs but more to wood with a light brown color.

Do not forget to mix with some golden objects accompanied by checkered windows that make it more unique. To make the room seem comfortable, add soft carpet as a compliment.

  1. Fresh Woody

40. Fresh Woody

This fresh woody room design is perfect for those of you who like the impression in nature. Dominated by wood motifs on the floor and walls and equipped with bookshelves to put favorite books, being in this room seemed like an adventure.

Don’t forget to add a large window so you can freely view the scenery outside. To add a warm impression, add a light sleep with a golden color.

  1. Milky Honey

41. Milky Honey

This milky honey room design is perfect for those of you who like the warm impression. The combination of white, beige and honey colors will make this room memorable to accompany you to sleep. Complete with cupboards and bookshelves that will make you more comfortable spending the day in the room.

  1. Pastel Grade

42. Pastel Grade

Pastel colors are currently in great demand to be integrated into the room especially the bedroom. But not just any pastel, you can combine pastel colors that have 1 theme to make it look harmonious. This certainly makes you comfortable and happy to be in the bedroom.

  1. El Royale Comfy Room

43. El Royale Comfy Room

El Royale Comfy Room is designed for those of you who like the impression of luxury and at the same time memorable like a fairyland. The choice of room design with a window at the top and furniture that seems luxurious will make this room truly make you like a queen.

  1. Casual

44. Casual

To design a room with a casual design, you don’t need to add a lot of furniture. You just need to integrate and arrange the room to make it more fun. Do not forget the combination of colors also determine the comfort of this room.

  1. American Classic

45. American Classic

The design of this American Classic room in principle is a combination of black and white. But what makes it unique is the selection of sleep lamps and other classic American-style bedding.

You can choose one example of a small bedroom design for your room and choose another design for your other room. It would be nice if each room has a different design.

45+ Examples of Small Bedroom Designs (Complete with pictures and descriptions)

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