45+ Examples of Minimalist Bedroom Designs (Complete with pictures)

Examples of Minimalist Bedroom Designs – Examples of minimalist bedroom designs are now in great demand. Minimalism does not mean small, but small can be made minimalist. The term minimalism is often misunderstood as something small, especially for interior design problems.

Whereas in interior design, minimalism can be a concept or theme desired by homeowners. Although it has been categorized into an interior design, minimalist design for a room, especially rooms can be combined with various other things.

1. American Style

1. American Style

The principle of the example of a minimalist American style bedroom design is the selection of room furniture which is dominated by metal materials. Then the part is given a black color and is based on white on the wall. This will form a neat monochrome color and then combined with wood motifs on cabinets and small drawers.

  1. Examples of Minimalist Bedroom Designs “Minimalist Ballet”

Examples of Minimalist Bedroom Designs "Minimalist Ballet"

This ballet style is perfect for you who like everything that looks level and clean. That is because in principle this theme is furnished with furniture that shows curved legs, bed, table which is designed to have slender legs like a ballet dancer.

So as not to be monotonous, add a wall clock that also has aesthetic value to make the wall more beautiful.

3. Europian Classic

3. Europian Classic

The classic style can also be your choice for designing your minimalist room. You can combine several ornaments that show European style with minimalist style furniture today.

In principle, the type of window, the choice of lampshades, and some furniture such as a table you can adjust to the classic style. Choose one of the objects in your room that is patterned to accentuate the classic impression.

4. Gaya Studio

4. Gaya Studio


Examples of studio-style minimalist bedroom designs are perfect for those of you who have enough space. Dominated by white, combined with elegant contrast color room fixtures like brown.

Do not forget to emphasize the theme, you can choose a large mirror that is unique with a minimalist design and a unique sleep lamp. This combination will be very harmonious if added a window that will support the entry of light into the bedroom.

  1. Minimalist Fairy

5. Minimalist Fairy

The minimalist fairy design is in principle almost the same as other room designs that are dominated by white. Combined with a contrasting floor color that makes the white color cleaner.

You can choose a variety of furniture in white and don’t forget to beautify your room with flowers in a vase. Besides, so as not to be monotonous, choose a mirror with a unique design that has an elegant frame.

  1. Luxurious Comfy

Luxurious Comfy

Luxurious Comfy design is perfect for those of you who like the impression of luxury in the room. You can feel the impression of a queen in a room with this design. Choose furniture and beds with a luxurious design and tend to have a medium size but has a minimalist design.

Do not forget to mix with room lights that are not too bright so the atmosphere that wakes up in the room is warm. Do not forget to add a soft carpet to support your comfort.

  1. Nature Classic

7. Nature Classic

Designing a room in a classic nature style doesn’t require a lot of difficult equipment. You only need to mix and match various furniture into white themes and then wood color combinations.

Choosing a wooden floor is also one of the tricks to design this room even though it is colored white. Do not forget to add flower plants to add a natural impression while making the air healthier.

  1. Daily Comfy

8. Daily Comfy

This minimalist Daily Comfy bedroom design is perfect for those of you who like productive activities in the bedroom. You can arrange the room in such a way as to make you comfortable on the move while getting good quality sleep.

Give a partition between the place of activity and the bed so that it is more comfortable and not disturbed by the thought of work when sleeping. Because this bedroom is also used for activities at the same time don’t forget to choose the main light that has enough lighting.

  1. Monochrome


Choosing a room design with monochrome colors as a theme is the right choice. But be careful for color domination. Although choosing a monochrome color, still choose white as the base color of the wall. The black color you can choose for the color of furniture and wall hangings.

  1. Casual Gray

10. Casual Gray

Gray is often only used as a color to complement the room. But what’s wrong with making gray as the main color of your room. You can choose the floor and wall colors with different levels of dark gray.

So that it does not seem dark, use a clean white bed combined with furniture drawers with natural wood motifs. Do not forget the selection of lights is also important for the selection of this room design.

  1. Black Elegant

11. Black Elegant


Choosing black is often considered risky in a dark and cramped room. But the black color selection will give the impression of elegance in your room if the combination is right.

Use a combination of white and a little maroon on your room equipment. Don’t forget to provide enough lighting.

  1. White Comfy

12. White Comfy

This room with a white comfy design is perfect for those of you who like the impression of warmth and comfort in your bedroom. Combined with spacious windows will make this room seem more spacious and more pleasant.

Choose room equipment that has a soft impression to add comfort. Do not forget to complete with warm-colored sleep lights to give a warm impression on the night.

  1. Urban Elegance

13. Urban Elegance

This urban elegance design is perfect for those of you who like a room with a futuristic design. Interior arrangement that is not too many objects combined with glass that makes your room feel more spacious.

  1. Squared Minimalism

14. Squared Minimalism

Examples of minimalist bedroom designs this one is indeed unique. A unique white bed combined with a clean black ground floor makes a striking minimalist impression.

Also, the selection of a unique hanging lamp is a characteristic of the design of this room. Do not forget to complete with large windows dominated by glass and box wall ornament that makes it seem more modern.

  1. White Homey

15. White Homey

You can choose Homey white as your room design to make it more spacious and comfortable. Wood-patterned floors that create a natural impression, combined with walls and clean white room equipment. Then the selection of a classic design lamp is the right combination.

  1. American Classic

16. American Classic

This American Classic room design is perfect for you who love the gothic impression. The combination of black and white with unique floral patterns on the bed cover will make it even more impressive. Add your photos for wall decoration with unique frames.

  1. Modern Casual

17. Modern Casual

This modern casual design emphasizes the laying of bedroom equipment that are far apart. Usually this type of room requires a large room. This room type also includes the type of room that has a futuristic impression.

  1. Warm Comfy

Warm Comfy

Warm comfy design accentuates the interior arrangement which doesn’t involve a lot of furniture. Also, the selection of soft colors as well as choosing the right bed and bed cover make this room seem more comfortable.

  1. Modern Parfait

19. Modern Parfait

Modern Parfait design is indeed more like a studio design that has a lot of minimalist style furniture. Not only that, but the lamp selection must also be considered in this design.

  1. Comfy

20. Comfy

Warm comfy room design is perfect for anyone who likes a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room. A large and soft bed combined with a light sleeper that emits a golden color makes the room feel warmer.

  1. Modern Soft

21. Modern Soft

Rooms with modern soft design are in principle choosing a variety of furniture that has a softer impression. Do not forget to combine with a variety of minimalist designed equipment that increasingly makes this bedroom more enjoyable.

  1. Queen Classic

Queeno Classic

Examples of minimalist bedroom design Queen Classic is one of the room designs suitable for today’s generation who like the impression of a queen. Equipped with the best furniture with European style makes it more firmly shows the characteristics of a queen.

  1. Enjoy Minimalism

23. Enjoy Minimalism

The bed is located close to the floor is one of the features of this minimalist enjoy design. With a short bed, you will be easier to reach and add to the impression of comfort and fun. Not only that, the combination of a few objects that complement the minimalist room makes this room more fun.

  1. Modern Classic

24. Modern Classic

Modern classic is a fusion for anyone who lives today but likes the classic style. Rooms with a classic style do not have to merely use classic furniture. You can also mix and match with minimalist furniture that emphasizes modernity in a classic style.

  1. Comfort Zone

25. Comfort Zone

Being in the comfort zone feels like you forget things outside. Just like when you rest in a room with this comfort zone design, you will be happy and reluctant to get out of bed. Almost every corner of this room has comfort and makes it more fun.

  1. European White

26. European White

European style does not have to be a whole furniture has a design with European characteristics. You can use a variety of ancient objects that can be repainted to make it look new and fresher. Do not forget, add some typical European accessories that make it still look European style.

  1. American Stylish

27. American Stylish

Wanting a room with an American style does not have to have a window like its trademark in America. You can complete the room you want to design in the American style by using furniture that is similar in design to American Classic Style.

  1. Modern Dream

28. Modern Dream

Rooms with semi-modern modern designs are usually suitable for young children. Looks more energetic and dynamic, this type of room can support the dynamic of young people’s minds. Not only that, the order and selection of wall motifs also make young people feel more comfortable and confident.

  1. Simple Season

29. Simple Season

A room with a simple season theme is an example of the most flexible minimalist bedroom design. If you like it, at least provide several different types of accessories for each season. When you like the beach, use pictures of wall hangings with a blue theme, as well as if you like autumn.

  1. Mirror

30. Mirror

This type of mirror bedroom design is very pleasant. You certainly feel at home in this bedroom. This room type is perfect for new families who are very fond of various challenges. This room type is designed to be soft, comfortable, and free to see the view outside the bedroom.

  1. Warm Highlights

31. Warm Highlights

Having a room that has sufficient light intensity is also important for the health of the room and its occupants. You can anticipate by designing a window that is large enough so that the incoming light is enough. Dominansia greetings should also be adjusted to choose bright colors like white.

  1. Romantic Corner

32. Romantic Corner

The bedroom is one private room which of course has its values ​​for its inhabitants. One of them is the romantic value that sometimes also needs to be applied in the room. The use of mosquito nets will add a romantic atmosphere as well as a dual function to prevent mosquitoes and other insects.

  1. Dreamy room

33. Dreamy room

When sleeping, everyone certainly hopes to have a good dream compared to a bad dream. This can be built in a pleasant room atmosphere. One way is to make a room with a design like this dreamy room.

  1. Urban Warmy

34. Urban Warmy

Living in a crowded city makes the mood and mind need another intake of comfort. Therefore you must make the atmosphere of your bedroom more warm and friendly to you. Choose the type of furniture that gives the impression of comfort and does not cause much thought.

  1. Lux Elegance

35. Lux Elegance

The minimalist bedroom design type Lux Elegance is a sweetheart for anyone who likes the impression of luxury. Using elegant and luxurious style furniture, decorated with lights that add a warmer atmosphere, of course, this room is very pleasant.

  1. Minimalist Line

36. Minimalist Line

Rooms with dominant monochrome colors are enough to make the atmosphere of a minimalist and elegant room. Combined with striped motifs on various sides will add to its aesthetic value.

  1. Warm Zone

37. Warm Zone

A room that is designed as a warm room or a room that you feel most understands is certainly very important. Amid various activities that some can destroy the mood, make your room as a place to restore the mood.

  1. Princess Story

38. Princess Story

Minimalist rooms that are designed in the style of a princess are also very memorable. You can choose a variety of furniture that combines a minimalist style but elegant and classy.

  1. White Scandinavian

39. White Scandinavian

Rooms with ancient Scandinavian designs are also a favorite for most people. Having a distinctive architecture coupled with the right furniture will certainly be more pleasant rooms.

  1. Lowlight Nature

40. Lowlight Nature

Lighting is one important factor in the design of this room. You have to be smart in choosing which side allows for more natural lighting. This will certainly be good for your health.

  1. Ethnical Modern

41. Ethnical Modern

Designing a modern minimalist room is also very neat when combined with ethnic style. You can choose a dominant primary color combined with some furniture that has a unique design and uplift the culture that you want to appear in your room.

  1. Cheerful Honey

42. Cheerful Honey

An example of a Cheerful Honey minimalist bedroom design would be very suitable for teenage girls and women. Every angle and color are adjusted to taste and made as cheerful as possible. This is important to help room occupants build mood.

  1. Comfy Super Minimalism

43. Comfy Super Minimalism

Being in a room that tends to be very minimalist turns out to affect the mind. Including making the mind calmer as if without burden. This will help you to sleep more soundly and quality.

  1. Secret Zone

44. Secret Zone

The bedroom as a zone that has privacy, including also being a secret area that should not be haphazardly reached by others. Nevertheless, the impression in the room must remain pleasant and comfortable. You can copy the design of this room as a choice.

  1. Youth Premiere

45. Youth Premiere

Room design for teenagers or anyone who has a young soul is certainly different. The rooms are designed to be more dynamic and energetic so that even when they wake up in the morning, the residents will be eager to start the day of building their dreams.

45+ Examples of Minimalist Bedroom Designs (Complete with pictures)

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