35+ Examples of Bamboo House Designs (Elegant and Minimalist)

Bamboo House Designs – Maybe not everyone wants to have a bamboo house, except for people who are old-minded or environmentalists. When viewed from the perspective of endurance, a bamboo house is inferior to a house made of bricks. But don’t underestimate the romantic aspects of a bamboo house.

Considering the current environmental issue is hot, so to preserve the environment of the bamboo house can be a means of caring for the environment because it is more friendly to the surrounding environment and does not use too much to use metal materials. Interested? Check out some examples of bamboo house designs below.

  1. Bamboo Conch House

1. Bamboo Conch House

For the first example, please consider the bamboo house design above. Looks like a conch shell, right? The composition of the bamboo used as a roof is made curved and almost covers the core of the house. This design is anticipatory to rainy weather. This design feels suitable to be applied in the tropics.

The location of the house was supported by wooden legs. So that the construction of the bamboo house is dynamic, this is certainly very helpful if there is a small earthquake tremor that occurs. The house will not collapse immediately, but will sway in the direction of the ground motion.

Don’t worry about capacity. The picture above is just an example of a bamboo house design. In the execution of its construction, you can expand the diameter of the circle of the house so that its capacity increases.

  1. Caping-roofed bamboo houses

2. Caping-roofed bamboo houses

Look at the design of the roof, it’s identical to the farmers’ caping, right? Through such a design, the inside of the house will be protected from heat and rain. One special thing is the existence of a glass door that follows the bamboo house’s circumference architecture.

Stage-shaped house. That is the bottom of the house is not in direct contact with the ground. There are wooden supports which are very useful for minimizing ground motion due to small earthquakes.

An example of bamboo house design number two is also equipped with a fence that surrounds the center of the house. So that it can be a barrier for small children who play or run around. The design of the house number two represents an environmental friendliness wrapped in security.

  1. Translucent Small Bamboo Hut

3. Translucent Small Bamboo Hut

The roof design of bamboo house number three is made sloping not on mere aesthetic consideration, but also taking into account the flow of rainwater so that it flows to the low side of the roof. The bamboo house is combined with transparent glass, making it easy for the owner to see the surrounding conditions.

  1. Siam’s Twin Bamboo House

4. Siam's Twin Bamboo House

The next bamboo house design example offers two central housing bodies attached to each other. The roof is made of palm fiber or klaras (coconut leaves) that are woven, so that it will not move let alone fall to the ground. The two central houses have different heights.

  1. Triangle Geometric Bamboo House

5. Triangle Geometric Bamboo House

Hopefully there will be no more oblique assumptions about the geometrical plane of the triangle, because this bamboo house design example is dominated by triangular-shaped fields. Even the arrangement of the glass on the roof is also combined with aesthetic triangles. The roof is composed of palm fibers that are tightly woven.

  1. Eco-friendly Bamboo House Design

6. Eco-friendly Bamboo House Design

Examples of bamboo house design number six consume more use of bamboo and glass functionality that actually looks right, not too artificial. The inside looks so spacious, quite functioned as a living room. The front side is even given a base in the form of a series of bamboo

  1. comfortable Bamboo House

comfortable Bamboo House

An example of this bamboo house design in the form of a triangle. This design allows the occupants to still feel calm even though it was raining heavily, because there was no noise from raindrops on the roof. The front of the house is filled with glass but is covered with a white curtain.

  1. Bamboo Tube House

8. Bamboo Tube House

Unlike the previous designs. The bamboo house is shaped like a tube, but the walls made of bamboo are hollow. The house is not purely in the form of a tube, but there are two main rooms formed by the tube and connecting. It’s like a birdcage.

  1. Bamboo House Interior Comfort

9. Bamboo House Interior Comfort

With a design that has a large ventilation, you do not need to worry about the heat when in the house. A sense of cool inside of the house in the example of bamboo house design above can also be obtained from the whole furniture made of natural materials.

  1. Strong Bamboo Houses

10. Strong Bamboo Houses

The bamboo house in the example design number ten is dominated by bamboo trunks with larger diameters compared to the previous designs. Each bamboo is glued together using palm fiber or an inner tube, so there is no need to nail it.

The use of large diameter bamboos supports the construction of stronger structures than smaller bamboos. The foundation part is planted in a cement cast. Then the roof is made of synthetic grass.

  1. Minimalist Modern Bamboo Home Accents

11. Minimalist Modern Bamboo Home Accents

Don’t be fooled by pictures. Pay attention to the upper side of the picture showing the roof of the house. It appears that amid the density of modern minimalist home designs, it turns out that bamboo can be utilized as a roof that offers fresh air circulation.

  1. Bamboo House Combined with Triplex

12. Bamboo House Combined with Triplex

An example of a bamboo house design is then formed by adding accents in the form of using plywood as a wall. The house is a square design, on each side equipped with wooden doors and glass.

  1. Modern House with Natural Accents

13. Modern House with Natural Accents

Maybe in the example of bamboo house design number thirteen not entirely in the form of bamboo. As for the form of bamboo only found on the roof. Examples of such an L-shaped house design allow for better air circulation on the front or back of the main house, complete with garden plants.

  1. Silent Bamboo House Design

14. Silent Bamboo House Design

The design of this bamboo house may tend to be similar to the design of a hotel on the island of Bali. Offering a feeling of closeness to nature. Arranged in stages, and in the highest part functioned as a viewing post.

  1. A House Full of Bamboo

15. A House Full of Bamboo

Not using metal material. That’s what the bamboo house design example offered above. This allows the inhabitants to breathe freely. Bamboo is not only formed as home construction but also planted.

The main house is on the second floor, while the lower floor can be used as a place to put motorized vehicles.

  1. Similar Bamboo House Boat

Rumah Bambu Serupa Perahu

Just look at the overall shape of the bamboo house contained in the picture above. Resembles a boat right? Especially on the roof that supports a relaxed atmosphere in the middle of open land surrounded by various trees. Also equipped with a small swimming pool.

  1. Ceramic Fusion of Bamboo Houses

17. Ceramic Fusion of Bamboo Houses

Bamboo houses are not fully dominated by bamboo elements. On the roof is made of thin asbestos transparent. Meanwhile, the handrails on the stairs to the second floor are made of lightweight aluminum. However, the buffer is entirely bamboo.

The front side of the house formed a fence or parapet made of bricks which are then cast with cement (also read: an example of a red brick house design). Thus securing the inside of the house from a collision because of a vehicle.

  1. Elegant Bamboo House

18. Elegant Bamboo House

This is an example of a bamboo house design that is somewhat complicated. There are elements of bamboo, wood, glass, and metal materials that make up the overall cross-section of the house. However, the house looks elegant and seems to support environmental friendliness that does not lose the manifestations of modernity.

  1. Simple Bamboo Houses

19. Simple Bamboo Houses

The bamboo house is square and the overall construction is dominated by woven bamboo. The house is also equipped with a spacious front yard, so it can be used to play or just sit around relaxing. Also, it can be used as a location for drying clothes.

The roof is similar to a pyramid or an old Javanese house. Home architecture is not too complicated. Impresses minimalist but still enjoyable to live in.

  1. Relax in the Bamboo House

20. Relax in the Bamboo House

Examples of bamboo house design number twenty look so romantic. The arrangement of the bulb hangs in such away. Just imagine when the night comes, very memorable right? At the front of the house is equipped with a swing that can be used to relax.

The entire house is made of bamboo, except for the foundation of the house that utilizes cement and stacked river rock material.

  1. Charming Bamboo House

21. Charming Bamboo House

There is an impression of modernity that is very prominent in the example of bamboo house number twenty-one. Bamboo is arranged or glued diagonally, so that its density is stronger than if arranged in parallel.

The front of the house is given a four-door corridor that allows easy to enjoy the view outside the house.

  1. Bamboo Ornaments in a Minimalist Home

22. Bamboo Ornaments in a Minimalist Home

Bamboo in the design of bamboo houses is more addressed as an ornament. Like the use of bamboo as a roof and between the sidelines of air ventilation. The rest, the house is made by using glass. While at the front there is a small park filled with fresh plants.

For the floor, the house uses a stone structure which is glued together with cement. In contrast to the inside of the house the floor is in the form of ceramic marble motifs that support the elegant feel of nature.

  1. Little Bamboo for Bamboo House Design

23. Little Bamboo for Bamboo House Design

An example of a bamboo house design at number twenty-three is only to use bamboo as part of the fence. The rest of the house is made of glass walls. The house stands with a two-story arrangement with the front equipped with a pool of water.

  1. Complementary Bamboo

24. Complementary Bamboo

Home design that uses bamboo only the front. Diagonally arranged, while the bamboo doors are arranged in a parallel and glued together using fibers. The rest, house construction uses more river stones.

  1. Rumah Bambu Romansa

25. Rumah Bambu Romansa

Bamboo stems arranged according to their size are used as a substitute for the wall for the second floor that can be used as a room. The distance between the bamboo structures arranged on the wall makes the reflected color of the lights appear romantic.

The gap allows sunlight in the morning and afternoon to enter but not too bright like a natural curtain. The combination with glass to display in a house with neatly arranged interiors seemed to emit a positive aura scattered with natural freshness with a swimming pool alloy.

  1. Luxury Bamboo Houses

26. Luxury Bamboo Houses

The building is quite spacious and luxurious is composed of bamboo wraps made into walls. One solution for those of you who have extensive land in a city that has minimal trees. Installed bamboo can replace lost natural shades.

  1. Minimalist Terraced Houses

27. Minimalist Terraced Houses

It is time for property developers, especially the housing sector, to start integrating with minimalist natural designs. Storied buildings do not overly consume parcels of land, using bamboo slats that are split and arranged like a wood in a vertical and horizontal style.

The use of natural materials will at least reduce the cost of building a building, combined with glass in the front to display the contents of a beautiful home that will make the residents comfortable, even the guests will be happy to visit.

  1. Comfortable Bamboo Houses

28. Comfortable Bamboo Houses


Using bamboo in this example of bamboo house design gives the impression of being funny and cute. The concept of a bamboo-supported roof with an attic wrapped in glass only succeeded in juggling a small house into a large area.

The shape of the roof with a slope facilitates more air circulation, while the asymmetrical shape of the building can be used for space laying space to avoid clutter of space. Suitable for you young couples who are looking for examples of minimalist bamboo house designs.


  1. Bamboo House like a Tree House

29. Bamboo House like a Tree House

Building designs with the full use of bamboo are usually only used in restaurants, because shades like bamboo are often used with such design models made of wood.

Make no mistake, bamboo which is multifunctional and more flexible than wood will make your natural home charming. Each building structure is made of bamboo, the use of bamboo in its entirety, and the keys will create a simple house with a forest feel.

  1. Bamboo Survive House

30. Bamboo Survive House

The combination of bamboo house with an underground house is suitable for you who want to build a house that returns to nature. Take advantage of hard-textured soil that resembles a small hill, dig and glue bamboo keys to the wall using cement.

Arrange vertically and horizontally as you wish, then function the mouth of the hole like a cave for the entrance. Covered with bamboo as the front wall, don’t forget the door as access. Bamboo house like this is suitable for privacy.

Inside this small-looking bamboo house, it can be built as broadly as you wish depending on the area of ​​land that is dug up. The concept is raised like an underground house or like a basement.

  1. Bamboo House in Garden

Bamboo House in Garden

As the name suggests the bamboo house is functioned as a shelter which is placed in one corner of the yard. Whether to receive guests, relax, or personal work. The structure of the building is all made of bamboo base material which gives a natural impression.

The roof is made of woven bamboo which is arranged as creatively as possible and leaves a cavity for the entry of air or light. Built with the concept of the stage with its placement between the trees will make the bamboo house feels cool and gives a sense of relaxation.

If you want to function as a living room, a bamboo house can be placed in the front corner of the yard, suitable to be placed behind the house if you really want to function more privacy. The walls of bamboo houses can be decorated with sticking plants or other trinkets such as paintings.

32. Comfortable Bamboo House

32. Comfortable Bamboo Houses

The appearance of a fully enclosed bamboo house usually functions as a stall, but make no mistake, you can also use it as a place to live. The roof is composed of a collaboration of woven bamboo and zinc. Like other bamboo houses laying on the stage concept.


The ethnic nuance of the bamboo house like a warung can also be suitable for you to use as a guesthouse, as long as it is built in a lot and lined up. Guaranteed to amaze the prospective inhabitants, when the heat will not overheat because bamboo as a natural material has a good absorption.

  1. Asmara Hut

33. Asmara Hut

A very simple bamboo house, often called a hut, suitable for resting from the sun and shade from the rain. The form is only one space that can be used for many things.

Huts are usually used by farmers to rest in the middle of rice fields, used by farmers to break in the middle of plantations, recently it was also used as a row to sit in a restaurant. If for the city it is usually used as a patrol place, and a seat in the middle of the park.

  1. Bamboo House Designs “Home Bamboo Art Space”

Bamboo House Designs "Home Bamboo Art Space"

This type of house is one example of a unique home design. The use of a unique door and explorative roof is perfect for those of you who like to explore too. Overlapping roofs provide productive enthusiasm for creation. A semi-open building made of bamboo is ideal for holding mini-exhibitions.

If you are not an art person, you don’t need to worry because this house can be used as another base camp such as teaching space, secretariat, and so on. For Sabahan ornaments, adjust to your taste and needs.

The cost used to make mini artspace itself is not too much, just prepare bamboo of various types and sizes. The strongest type is used as a bottom foundation and strung together to be a sturdy wave.

35. Back To Nature

Back To Nature

Examples of the last bamboo house design that is back to nature, carrying the natural concept of bamboo houses this shape is suitable to be placed in the middle of nature and grove of trees. Made from bamboo, natural stone, and wood, the house is even more maximally used as the location of the event.

Back to nature home is usually used as an additional property at a star hotel provider that has a large yard, functioned to hold events that indeed carry the concept of nature. For example, weddings conducted in the open, the back to nature home is ready to become an epic setting.

There are many more forms that can be produced using bamboo raw materials. Capital that is not so expensive but still able to create the impression of elegance and luxury. In addition to being inhabited, bamboo houses are also suitable for investment because lately nature is being sought after.

35+ Examples of Bamboo House Designs (Elegant and Minimalist)

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