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    Recently, we received an inquiry that led to a misunderstanding which in-turn, hurt individuals and a community. Below is our official statement on the matter.

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    We have friends in the LGBTQQ community and we have spoken with them about our situation and want to apologize for the use of certain words.

    In our efforts to understand how this may have made TJ and Thai feel, we thank them for having a conversation with us and for sharing their feelings.

    One of the reasons we got into the wedding photography business is to share in the joy and love on what is one of the most important days of peoples’ lives. Our business vision was to couple an art we love with the beauty of marriage.

    As wedding photographers, we directly take part in capturing a couple’s love and commitment for each other. We take the medical doctor stance of if we were emergency room doctors we would want to give our best to anybody that comes through our door. It is not photographing a couple who have different personal beliefs that we have difficulty with. We genuinely felt referring this couple to a photographer who does share their personal beliefs would provide them with the best service for their special day. We wanted to connect them with someone who did share their personal beliefs so that they could give them the service quality they deserve.

    Unfortunately, our artistic passion for excellence and personal beliefs were misinterpreted. That was never our intent. We have been flooded with hate calls, emails and accusations that inaccurately depict our business. On top of that we have come to a difficult decision that we will no longer be in the wedding photography business. We are grateful for this experience as it has caused us to think about how our personal beliefs intersect with our business practices.

    We would like to thank everyone for their love and support and want to apologize to our clients whose photos have been impacted by the recent activities.